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  1. If you haven't played RE Revelations that was ported from DS, give it a go.  Pretty decent game for a port version.  Just download it through torrents.
    Resident Evil 6 was a huge comment needed
    Resident Evil 5 was pretty good, good action shooter not really survival horror but was fun.
    Resident Evil 4 was very good but was the first kind of action shooter almost.  Still "scarier" then 5 or 6 but it was the start of a new genre basically.
    RE2 and 3 are classics and will always be "the best"
    Dead Space 3 was pretty good too and the DLC was ok.
    Dead Space 1 and 2 were amazing.  Best scary games I have played in a longgg time.
    Seriously if you like survival horror and still haven't played DS1 or 2, go do so.  Dark, ominous background music/sounds, no overkill on the survival horror controls,  great game play.
    Anyone else know of good survival horror games that I can play on the PC? 

  2. I couldn't give you the names of any good horror PC games, thoughj I do agree with your post except about Dead Space 3. It was an ok game on its own but as a Dead Space game it sucked shit. EA totally screw the pooch on that one, which might have something to do with it being a greedy piece of shit in its own right.
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    haha no I totally agree with you.
    DS3 was a total failure in terms of it's original genre compared to the 1st and 2nd one.  But I'll take any game that looks good and try to enjoy it.
    I mean even capcom ruined RE series after the 3rd one.  4 and up aren't even close to real horror.
    Supposedly there may be a remake on RE2 if there is enough interest.  Now that would be fucking sick as long as they don't ruin it by changing everything about it. 
    I was seriously disappointed with RE6 though.  It was just kind of annoying to play a lot of the times.

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