Resident Evil 5 Demo

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by ondrugz, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. is up now on xbox live

    im downloading it now:smoke:
  2. nice i'll be checking it out soon
  3. Fuck! I went to download it and for some reason my xbox won't allow me to download an M rated game. Does anyone know how to fix that?
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    Downloading it at the moment..and F.E.A.R 2

    I'm excited, both of theses games should kick ass.

    EDIT: Holy fuck that's the biggest axe ever and why do I have so little fucking ammo to shoot 30+ zombies with????
  5. System settings -> Family Settings -> Xbox LIVE Controls

    "Determine Family Settings for your child's Xbox LIVE membership. Manage access to the following online features: Online friends, Communications, Gamer profiles, Online status, Online games, Member content, Downloadable content"
  6. Ahh chainsaw dude!
  7. Dude, that was rediculus.
  8. Did anyone else not like the demo?
    I had a much better time with FEAR 2 Demo.
    Resident Evil doesn't even try to scare anymore..
  9. I'm pretty dissapointed with it.

    The controls are so useless and they bombard you with enemies

  10. On second play through: Oh shit I jus need to run more, it's actually super cool.
  11. What a great demo! still can't beat the chainsaw dude. :/

    Whats that smell: all RE has limited ammo, it just makes the gameplay harder. I love RE4, and that game is fucking scary too. I believe they do have some scary parts. remember it just a demo. ;)
  12. Yeah I know, I like Resident Evil games.
    When I posted that I was playing the first demo mission and was stuck in the house thinking I had to take on that entire hoard of zombies with only 20 bullets in my handgun and 5 in my shotgun...
    Then I realized there was ammo in the dresser and enemies were dropping ammo..and realized I could run out of the house into the town!.
    Problem solved.

    But these two demo levels didn't feel scary at all..probably because I hadn't been absorbed into the game at all as I found RE4 pretty scary.
  13. yeah switching weapons in the middle of a battle is absurd.
  14. at first i didnt like the demo bc everyone online would disconnect in 2 seconds but than i actually got to play with someone else and it was mad fun :D but i wish when you died you could restart instead of having to go back to the menu but the demo is fun once you get used to playing RE on the 360 :smoke:
  15. That's probably my biggest problem with this.
    Why can't they just make it less realistic like the other ones and let you swap weapons in a paused mode?
    It's really hard to switch weapons when a guy is running at you with a chainsaw.
  16. d pad is quick change
  17. anyone notice that one of the healing items is called- "Herb(green)"

    Found that amusing.

  18. Someone must be new to the Resident Evil series.

  19. use the dpad....
  20. Just use the d-pad to switch weapons. It's connect to your inventory, ie. left on d-pad selelct left in inventory, up d-pad top inventory slot.

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