Reservoir Temps? And Hygrozyme?

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    Alright, been juggling around with reservoir temps so far I can keep temps in 64, but once the ice runs out it jumps up to about 80.  I got a rotation happening now where I can rotate frozen bottles so it's constantly cool, the highest the temps reach when cooling is 69.
    Is that adequate having a range from 64-69? 64 mostly happens at night though, grow room temps range in the high 70's.  As long as I keep the res chilled grow room temps don't really matter, I mean not insanely hot (like 90's)
    Also for Hygrozyme, I've been using it and I have seen nothing but brown algae produced from it; but that was prior to chilling the res.  Is it worth trying Hygrozyme since I can manage the temps in the reservoir now? I think the brown algae was the combination of the temp and hygrozyme feeding the algae.  
    Also will I notice an increase in growth speed, since I now have the res temps dialed in properly?
    will Ph be more stable as well?
    BTW Res temps before chilling was around 80f

  2. I'm disappointed that no one responded to this post.  I would like to know as well.
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    I would stop using any additive that isn't fertilizer if you can maintain a res temp in the 60's.
    At some point bite the bullet and get a chiller IMO.
    You won't notice any speed up in growth if you have the other parts of your act together (light, soup and aeration).
    However, the biggest difference I noticed when I started using a chiller was that the potency went up.

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