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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by mordgrow, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. I really want to do a reservoir set up for my DWC grow perhaps using a pump that i could also use to siphon out my other rez's..

    Rumple has a nice res set up that circulates water between 3 5 gal buckets. thats a cool idea

    I've seen some awsome rez. set ups in the "eb - flow" set ups too, BrokenCage has a 50 gal one i think that looks sweet!

    I'd rather have a 30 gal rez or something similar (something that takes up more verticals pace and has a smaller foot print), anyone have a cool reservoir set up that they'd like to show off to give me some ideas?

    I've alraedy got this small fountain pump and a bunch of PVC plumbing, just need some ideas!

    this would be an awsome improvement to my grow room, show me what your using! :hello:
  2. That guy has the best DWC system I have ever seen.
  3. yeah thanks for that find rump, I'm super excited about this one!

    funy thing is, i've been to every hardware store.. haha zero float valves!


    oh well, its on order threw the good olde interweb.

    I'd +rep ya again if i could rump, you saved my ass big time on this one..

    btw. check out those Eb and Flow fittings.. stick em in your bubble bucket design, they seal so nice and easily! thats the only thing that held me back from your set up.
  4. The issue I have with most ebb and flow or hydro store bulkhead fittings is, they are always barbed. I want threads. I guess I could go with barbed fittings and hose clamps.

    Dood, I'm always trying to find a better way then the O-rings.
  5. yeah i ended up gettin that valve dewave. but from a valve store for like 14bucks with shipping :)

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