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Reservoir pumps?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by canadian69, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. I want to start a small hydro grow, about 4 plants. Only thing I cant really find info on is what kind of reservoir pump I need. Obviously something small, with 4 spigots or whatever, my understanding is that I hook it up to a timer so the plants are watered at regular intervals. Anyway, got my shopping list together, but have no idea what to get in terms of a nutrient/water pump for the res and the associated connection.

    I am up in Canada and so far everything that I have found online is like super industrial strength (several hundred bucks). I can't see needing that for a micro grow. So trying to do this on the cheap.

    Advice anyone?
  2. It's quite possible to just use a single pump. Or you could just buy 4 small pumps, and use one for each.

    I'm pretty sure running a single aquarium pump, one of the larger ones, would be plenty.
  3. you could start with a small fountain pump coupled with a small acquarium pump...... the fountain pumps will feed your plants (you have to connect it to a system of pipes of course)... the smaller pump will keep your water moving all the time so that you won't get nutrients' deposits on the bottom of your res...... that's one way of doing it at least....
  4. yes, something like that would work.... for pipes, spigots, taps, noozles etc. those items you should be able to find in a big gardening center.... they usually sell all the necessary equipment to be able to automate the watering of your favourite garden flowers....luckily it's exactly the same stuff you need....
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    It sounded from your OP like you were confused building the actual unit and needed a water pump. That guide is a complete recirculating how-to - shows everything you need, including materials. You don't need to follow it exactly, but it shows you the inner workings of a recirculating system.

    ECOPLUS: ECOPLUS™ ECO- 132 SUBMERSIBLE PUMP [728495] - Pumps, Pump Filter Bags & Inline Filters - Pumps, Irrigation & Watering Supplies - Discount Specialty Farm, Greenhouse & Garden Supply Store - Horticulture Source
    the 132 stands for it's GPH (gallons per hour)

    Again, you mentioned/linked water pump before, but now it sounds like you need an air pump. Which one do you need?
  6. I was intending to buy a aquarium air stone type deal for aeration of the reservoir. My OP was in regards to the type of pump I would need to irrigate the plants in a hydro setup, but the other guys pretty much answered the question, since its such a small grow the GPH isn't a big concern, or at least I wouldn't think that it would be. The link you provided is a good one, thanks. I will look into getting that or something similar

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