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  1. I was unable to germinate nearly 13 bag-seeds so I drained my hydro but and I found some weird goo inside. It looked like a giant clump of red dirt at the bottom of the tank. The instructions say to put

    15ml grow
    Per 4L of water

    And I'm using big container. I included the back of the nutes as an attachment maybe there is something I missed on the instructions.

    Also after the seeds sprout and I move them into the grow dome do I put the dome in the sun or under the 2700k light?

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  2. Did you follow seedling/clone stage recomendations? Should be about 100-250 or 200-400 PPM depending on guide.

    Wierd goo? Algae? Is your container light proof? Also you said bagseed, only the dark brown ones are mature enough.

    Theres a rockwool germination guide on these forums.

    Also, DWC, plus a water pump feeding your solution to the rockwool, should gern. Keep the rockwool wet, but not over wet.
  3. just to clear this up you didnt try to germ in nute solution did you? not tryin to put you down but you need to do a lot of research. youre not even supposed to give the plants nutes for the first 10-14 days. just water. the water itself should have enough dissolved solids in there to feed the plant till then.
  4. are you using hydroton in your setup?
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    Yes I followed the recommendations on the bottle, the lowest Ec i can get is around 700PPM with what im using. For the bag seeds I was trying to germ trash that I got from friends. Looking back most of them were black or near black. I found the rockwool guide but by then it was too late also alot of Good guides here are not stickied which sucks as with the info on nute usage. I used the paper towel method and used reverse osmosis water and when I thought they were germed enough I put them in the rockwool which was soaked in the nute solution. And yes im using the little brown air balls. What im thinking is that I used way to much solution and some of it started clumping together or something.
  6. 700ppm is pretty high. Now, I did successfully germ 2 of 6 seeds (might have gotten more if I didn't fuck with the rockwool, and had rememembered to turn the water on to the rockwool when I started instead of 3 days later.....) with full veg nutes. Probably around 700 like you are. But it was my first time, and what did I know.

    You should just be able to soak the rockwool for 24 hours in ph balanced water, and then put it in. After that you want low nutes. Some people don't even put anything in for the first couple of weeks.

    Heres a nifty chart thats almost identical to the one I got from the hydro store
    Reliable ppm chart for marijuana??

    PPM for Hanna Chart PPM

    Seedlings, Early Sprouts 100 to 250

    Early Vegging 300 to 400

    Full Vegetation 450 to 700

    Early Blooming 750 to 950

    Full Mature Blooms 1000 to 1600

    Note: EC Calculations are different, here's a conversion chart :
    heres a great chart that shows how different PPM can be from meter to meter... EC is the only real universal language...


    I'm currently soaking my rockwool with just a drop of clonex in the water.
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