Reserva Privada's OG#18

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  1. Strain: Reserva Privada's OG#18

    Growth: Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Forest, Perlite 20% added.

    Light: 600 Watt HPS/MH

    Nutes: GH nutes with FF Beasty blooms/Cha Ching

    Average 1.5-2oz's per plant

    Bag Appeal: 9/10
    -Buds aren't as frosty as the Kushberry or Sour kush but the density and dank ass lemon smell more the makes up for it.

    Smell: 9/10
    -Nice lemony smell to it.. Almost an over powering pinesal type sent!!

    Taste: 9/10
    -Tastes like it smells!! Some great tasting smoke!! Very smooth and pleasant.. Very similar to KB..

    The High: 10/10
    -Damn!! Very potent and long lasting high!! One bowl will send you straight to the moon lol.. Definitely one of the most potent strains I've ever grown or smoked..

    - She is a good yielder of some very dense and potent buds!! I can see these girls yielding over 3 oz's easy with a lil more veg time.. However I did find her to be a bit of a pain in the ass to grow. She was very picky with nutes and never really looked happy (always drooping) no matter what I did.. I also had to pull a couple do to some heavy hermi action but all in all I'd have to say she's definitely worth a shot.. I have 4 more in flower now. One is a monster I vegged for 2 months!!

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  2. A couple more OG#18 pics!!

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  3. How long did you veg to get 1 1/2 oz a plant and you said something about sour kush have you grown that b4?
  4. And + rep nice report, one more question did you do any lst super crop or femm or just scog?
  5. I only vegged 3 1/2 weeks. I have 4 more in flower one of which was vegged for 2 months. That girls a beast!!! I just harvested some sour kush a couple weeks ago but really didn't get much off her do to the fact the light fell on her leaving only 2 small colas.. I wish I had gotten more.. Out of the OG#18, Kushberry and Sour Kush I'd have to say the SK was probably my favorite and that say's a lot because I love KB lol.

    Thanks brotha! I topped her once then throw her under the net. The new girl I vegged for 2 months was topped several times and as a result she's just one huge bush! I think I'll get atleast 2.5 to 3 oz's off her.
  6. Here's she is at 19 days flowering and 2 months veg. The light makes her look yellow but she's really very healthy lol.. Bud sites everywhere!!

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  7. Here's a lil better pic.

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  8. :eek:She looks great do you have a journal for your sk or#18 :hello::hello:

  9. with a 2month veg your bush should be pushin some weight
  10. Hey Pitbull420 thanks for the report. I just finished growing one of these myself but the dried bud I got had no hint of lemon at all - it was more like a faint cheese/fuel odor - I find it to be a very attractive smell but nothing near the citrus family. How many plants did you grow out to get this lemon smell?

    I had the same experience in my limited testing so far with regards to potency - this weed hits very hard and very fast. My yield wasn't anything to get excited about. I supercropped to control height and this may have affected yield. All the tops produced nice dense sticky buds but everything below the tops had a few inches between nodes so the bud to height ratio kinda sucked. It wasn't an issue of stretching to the lights either because this particular plant was leading the upward charge to my lights and was always the reason I had to raise the lights.

    My initial impression of this strain is that it was worth the purchase of the pack and I will grow out more of the seeds. I hope I can find a lemon pheno like what you have. Thanks again for sharing.
  11. Thanks! No but I'll post pics of the OG#18's here from time to time. Just to keep this report as accurate possible :). As for the SK I'll post a report with pics and my opinions as soon as I finish this next grow.

    LOL.. Yeah I think she'll definitley yield a grip of top notch smoke.

    Yeah I do have to agree with the bud to height ratio being a lil shitty. However even though I had a few inches between nodes the bottom buds all the way down the plant were decent sized and rock hard. I originally started off with three OG#18's. Two where pulled do to hermi action and the third is the lemon pheno pictured above.
  12. A couple updated pics of my monster OG#18 girl at 25 days into flower lol. As you can see she's got budsites everywhere!!

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  13. Hi there Pitbull...and fellow growers.

    I've grown a few plants, but this is the first time I've grown Kush.

    What are the rumors we hear about Kush?

    She's fat and stinky? LMAO...

    I swear, if I could bottle the smell on my fingers 15 seconds after I rub my fingers all over one of those buds, I would be a bazillionaire...she smell's, well sorry to be a bit blunt, but I swear she smells like God's vagina...

    Then look at her...she still has 4 weeks to go...she is so fat and heavy she can't keep herself up right. She literally needs a support for each of her major stalks.

    Then look at the nuggets...holy moly...they look spectacular...

    She is incredibly finicky though...this OG Kush #18. See all the leaf curl and so me she is not for a newbie, but if you got a grow under yer belt, you might want to give her a try...

    Who else has grown The #18? Any success stories? I'll update as she progresses.

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  14. How bad was the odor during growth? I got the other OG from RP and it was ridiculous off the charts stinky for the last 3-4 weeks.
  15. Really not a bad odor with this girl. Compared to my some of the other strains I've tried this one was quite mild.
  16. I was unlucky and got one of the crappy phenos.

    Yield was actually decent, a little over 2.5 zips.

    Very little crystal formation, very very little.

    Alot of red hairs, really hairy bud.

    No lemony smell at all, pure sour smell.

    Buzz seems pretty decent.

    Cut down at 11.5 weeks, even then it was abit on the premature side.
  17. Man that sucks!! I decided not to continue growing this strain. Although it's a great smoke just a bit to needy for my taste. Don't have time to constantly worry about one strain. Got some Pre '98 Bubba Kush, L.A. confidential and AK-47 going now!!
  18. come check out my og 18 left her for amber trichs n she turned purple
  19. Nice got a purple og #18 growing now
  20. One of my all time favorites. Always in my garden.

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