reserva privada OG KUSH ?

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  1. anyone who has grown this strain , lemme know how it is
  2. my 2cents on RIU - a lot more self advertising homegrown breeder seedbanks there than here. THCfarmer also a lot of self-promoting breeders and people who send out free seeds to the top grow diary writers to promote seeds in auctions and create fire sales. reserva's got a pretty big reputation.. i couldn't find that grow on THC farmer either, but I've smoked a lot of reserva privada strains in amsterdam and would classify all of them as top shelf... anyone unable to get those results just need to check their equipment.
  3. the ones i have grown are awesome. Ill have some more pics of the OG kush soon.
  4. raskal og kush beans were bidding upwards $400 last time i saw em dropped... i'll wait for a clone or OG larry to come back in stock.
  5. Cali Connection sells OG Raskal beans.
    I do remember the auction you're talking about though, I paid out the ass for Purple Urkle x The white
  6. I grew some out on my last run. I'm on the East Coast we don't usually get that kind of stuff around here so I was really impressed and so was most everyone who tried it. But the yield kind of sucks.

    If you must. Go with their Headband/Sour Kush, it's similar but has a better overall yield and isn't nearly as picky with the nutrients.

    Good luck!
  7. Well DNA/Reserve does has nice genes, Their OG Kush is a bitch and hermie prone, like alot have already stated.

    Riot has some amazing genes for kush's. I've always never liked pure or Orginal OG's caus ethey are super more than anything fert sensative. Even at `1/4 strengeth ! or they hermie or just burn.

    Just my .2 on OG kush. Like crosses with it, just not orginal :p
  8. the op is asking about reserva privada og kush. if you havent grown it please dont comment, if you have let er rip.

    i have personally grown out reserva privada og kush. it was a lil finiky in veg but once thru the 1st 2 weeks no initial problems. out of 5 i had no hermies, no seedage, and a ton of ,in my opinion, some of the most potent/authentic og available in seed form. in my opinion the best 90 bucks i ever spent on a single strain hands down. check my journals i have done quite a few :smoke: beautiful plant:wave:
  9. @Mod I've got no clue why you deleted my comment...
    I've got numerous buddys that have grown RP and DNA gear and have been notified of hermies in almost every run, the kandy kush hermies like hell to.
    I'm not flaming, I've tried OG18 from RP in a few dispensarys as well as from private growers and the fact is it doesn't resemble true OG in the slightest of forms..
    No lemon fuel funk no nothing like that.
    Id say the "purest" form of OG is available through OG Raskal or Cali Connect...
    That's just my opinion.
  10. thats cool bro, the info on reserva og was wanted. i just dont want this to become a reserva privda bashing thread. if the op wants other og suggestions he can ask for them. when it becomes a competition in each thread for the best breeder it really clutters up all the good info here on GC that someone can gather on that particular strain. thanks for your input :wave: :smoke:
  11. where do you think you are going russy? i know you have reserva og. now leave your comment, dont make me chase you ! :p :smoke:
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    HIGH All, I Have had a Kushberry Herm on me Late in Flower.....Have a Couple re-Vegging now....these are the Ones then never Hermied on me **Fingers Crossed**

    Edit: Sorry these Seeds were From DNA Gentics not reserva privada..Again Sorry!!!
  13. I never grown kushberry i love the strain tho...
    I've boughten kushberry with bananas in it... hard to find it without em.
  14. same company brotha man, thanks for the input:smoke:
  15. this was the next strain i was gonna do from RP/dna. not that i have had trouble with them but, the weed from them is so damn good i would gladly spend 90 beans for a 5 pack to get 1 good pheno. i am not saying i would be telling everyone to get them if that were to happen, but i really like their gear thus far and that cross excites me:hello:
  16. If you can find a real good phenotype that doesn't hermie I salute you.
    I really love the very calyxy foxtaily kush phenotype that has a blueberry captain crunch undertone smell to it... It's addicting, it doesn't put me down for the count but I can just rip that stuff all day and keep a steady euphoric buzz going on.
    When I mean calyxy I mean like inch long foxtails etc..
  17. A lill RP porn OG
  18. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.... Regarding stealthly packages.

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