Reserva Privada Og Kush #18

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    Just received 2 OG Kush# 18 feminized seeds from DNA genetics. Put them to germinate right away. I mixed Botanicare Sweat with water to make a solution for the seeds to germinate in.

  2. Nice, ben waiting to c a grow on them. Show pic's and Good Luck:smoke:
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    Transplanted the seedlings into rock wool cubes. These ladies will be my mother plants and hopefully bring me some nice clones. I am running a DWC single bucket system for both these plants.


  4. Just received some really nice Ak 47 and i have been blessed with some feminized seed. The Ak was an female crop and one of them hermied and provided me with some very nice seeds.


    It was extremely resinous despite have seeds in it. It definitely got me ripped. Now i transplanted the two seedlings into a DWC system inside my HOME Grow box. I will also be growing some AK along with the OG KUSH #18.



  5. i started of with two but one didnt look good so i got rid of it. This one plant is beastin though. its a couple weeks into the vegetative phase.

  6. Yo man, nice plant.

    I was wondering what kind of problems you were experiencing with the other OG plant you removed. I'm growing one of my seeds out now and it is a funky plant that just can't seem to get it's act together. A description of what yours was like would be nice, so I know it was just a bunk seed.

    Thanks and keep growin'!
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    Hey JerryGarcia 420 thanx a lot for the love. I posted an image where you can see the sick plant in the back. The leaves of the plant stated to curl downward and growth was stunted. After a couple of days of no growth i just cut it down. Also, I put an up to date image of my plant.


  8. im growing out 10 femmed seedlings of the 18 but am about 4/5 weeks behind u
    keeping track of this grow.......
    need to figure out just how much growth via after 12/12 and if its a bushy strain or an upright one (so i can figure out how many plants per 4 foot aero post)
  9. yo lets get an update, i have a 3ft female of this at 2weeks flowering right now. would like to see something to compare :)

  10. Just built an aerosystem. i got some picks on my new thread
  11. nice :smoking: i love the taste of OG
  12. Tricountykush are you still around?

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