researching for my 1st grow

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by gopherbroke, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. here I am... researching my 1st grow.....

    Funny part is that I don't even smoke! My wife was recently diagnosed with cancer and a friend recomended she try some smoke. She has not used it in years but she tried it and it seems to help her more than all the prescribed crap the docs have been giving her.

    The price of product combined with my desperate need for a new project has had me reading every related forum I have been able to find for the last week or so ;-)

    I found an old cab that should be just about perfect (it has been sitting in the garage for over a year unused)... will start buying materials over the next few months.

    thanks to all of you for putting so much info out there :hello:
  2. hey... I like your story and your intrest in growin'... its funny you say that you dont smoke cuz I dont smoke either other than the occaional hit here and there never more than twice a month (it's funny how everyone I hang with smokes) but I grow for my girl and a fun hobbie...
    If you need anything feel free to message me..

    good luck..

  3. Ohh and best wishes to your wife..


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