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Researched bioavailable oil, and this is my recipe

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by SlinkySlekker, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. This is a tincture I make for my dad. He has extreme dementia and is on hospice. This plant has made a HUGE difference in his cognitive awareness. I’m constantly trying to improve the bioavailability and health benefits, so some things may seem odd to include, but it’s done so after months of research.

    Please let me know if you see anything is redundant or can be improved?

    The result was that 9 ml gave a strong high, lasting 5 hours. My father takes micro-doses of THC tincture w/50 mg CBD, added to nightly valerian tea. I’m estimating each 1 mg has about 2.5 mg of THC. His rest has improved, his mood is better and he can form complete sentences again. Bonus: he knows who I am again!

    My recipe:
    Difficulty level: moderate
    Reward: worth it.

    10g Hindu Kush
    1/2 c.MCT oil
    1/4 c Black Sesame Oil
    1/4 c Black Seed Oil *
    5 drops Copaiba EO **
    5 drops pepperment EO
    (* I read that half MCT and half LCT oil would increase bioavailability, and I chose these for their close relationship to cannabis, as well as their medicinal value and microbial protection. )
    (** Read it increases bioavailability)
    (*** Read it makes sublingual administration easier?)

    2 tbs soy lecithin granules,
    2 tbs liquid sunflower lecithin

    Decarboxylate broken-down flower for 60-90 minutes at 240 in large amber mason jar. Once cool, spray with 95% alcohol (kept in freezer), allow to dry out overnight. (alcohol supposedly breaks it down?). Next day, medium grind dry herb in coffee grinder.

    Mix MCT and lecithin granules over heat till dissolved. Add to mason jar of decarbed herb. Using a coffee foamer/motor whisk, continuously agitate mixture for a few minutes at a time over the course if 1 hour. Then add black oils and liquid lecithin. Put mason jar in top part of double-boiler over med heat. Continue to heat/agitate for 20 minutes longer.

    Remove from heat, cool for 1 hour, strain in cheese cloth, save herb in tea-bag shaped cheese cloth, seal mason jar, freeze both for 4 hours.

    Let defrost, mix oil again, put mason jar w/tea bag* in it into mason jar, shake. Add contents to mini-crock-pot. Heat on low for 4 hours. Temp maintained below 250. Stir frequently. (* when I let the herb free-float in the crock, I once burned the leaf. Tea bag meant to steep w/less risk.)

    Next, squeeze out tea bag, then dump its contents back into the oil, and put oil w/liise herb in heated sonic cleaner. Four 20 minute sessions, w/machine rest for 20 min in between.

    Strain & cool & refrigerate.

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  2. 240*F for 40 minutes is sort of the sweet spot we get to for catching a buzz. Its fucking awesome that you have made your own recipe for a specific ailment and have tested your decarb against how your dad is feeling. You go dude!!

    As far as both types of Lecithin i would stick with liquid sunflower lecithin if you can find it. It isnt processed to death and isnt as hard on a person as soy lecithin.

    User BrassNwood has a kick as recipe for making canna capsules. He uses hash but i use his recipe with ganja.

    I decarb for 40 minutes at 240*F. Pull it out and let cool. Grind it fine using a spoon while pulling out lumber, sticks and twigs until i have a fine powder. Add lecithin and oil. Then freeze, then 220*F for 20 minutes, then freeze, then 220*F for 20 minutes. Its ready to use!

    Bake with it, put it in hot coco, take it as it is, mix with peanut butter or nutella, etc, etc...

    My pops passed at 94 and i used a vape and edibles with him while he was sick. Lots of relief, good sleep and laughs we would have missed were it not for just a touch of ganja. Good luck dude!
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