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  1. okay so my mom always talks about all the research on marijuana that's been done that's negative. she tells me all this shit about how marijuana makes you stupid. she says it fucks with some shit in your brain and she uses all these scientific terms like neurons and shit or something.

    but i thought they cant even do research on marijuana cuz its illegal?

    what is my mom saying and how do i respond to her?

    she takes in everything negative about marijuana but everything positive she throws out the window. really pisses me off. what to do :confused:
  2. tell that bitch to go suk a dick
  3. ^ well said
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    Explain to her the positives and the often overlooked medical benefits of the plant. Show her websites and books and shit. Hard proof thats it's better for you rather than bad.
    Or you could just be completely sarcastic about it and throw it in her face (i.e. when you're leaving the house "Okay mom I'm off to smoke a bunch of pot and get into fights and rob liquor stores, be home for dinner!"

    Hey, it's better for you than alcohol or real drugs.
  5. Carl Sagan, Michael Phelps, and Obama.
  6. if you google Dr Lester Grinspoon of Harvard, especially his book "marihuana reconsidered", you will benefit....(he wrote it with an "h"...i do it with a "j").....:smoke:
  7. Two words:

    The Union

    [ame=]The Union[/ame]

    Let her argue with 105 minutes of Marijuana kick-ass!
  8. I am really starting to get tired of this bullshit. I have spent more time researching marijuana than being high on marijuana. The lies spread by the DEA and PDFA have been proven wrong time and time again. I AM FUCKING TIRED OF THIS BULLSHIT!!!

  9. Sounds like you and your mom have about the same I.Q
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    unfortunately cunts like her wont listen to reason and if you give them a good response they (anti drug parents/politicians) all say "thats all crap research potheads say to get high." You can show her "the Union" but she will dismiss it all as "Pothead bullshit"

    Our government wouldnt lie to us!!! (ROFL)
  11. Hey OP, you should drop some tincture or give her a firecracker.

    Act like she's going crazy.
  12. no way. my moms a blonde
  13. make her watch "the union: the business behing getting high" awesome movie were almost all is said about all lies surrounding marihuana

    Keep blazing

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