Research is everything ! Especially with soil indoors !

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  1. I used compost and yates premium potting mix and I used some slow release nutes. Well early flowering I saw roots at the salty surface so I added extra soil mix, a couple of days later I bought some "Yellow Bottle" Seafuel Bloom which has all the enzymes and hormones and beneficial bacteria etc. Three days later my plant went into Nutrient overload and suffered until I flushed X 3 recommended. The "beneficial active ingredients" had released a surge from the slow release nutrients I believe.

    Self made soil mixes contain unknown quantities of NPK and slow release in combination with other nutrients and additives can cause unknown hence dangerous results.

    Any other advice for first timers ?
  2. buy fox farm ocean forest and no need to mix anything. pour it into a large pot and put a plant in and you are done. you can add perlite if you want, but it isn't necessary.
  3. Also try roots organic
  4. i love the whole foxfarm line

    durring veg i use big bloom and grow big then for flower i use those 2 plus the tiger bloom

    bud candy
    gravity bud hardener
    crystal burst

    ill post some pics of my next harvest forsure to show you my results
  5. thanks for the replies I hear good thing about fox farm, I'm in Australia so I don't know which brands I can get here. Definitely a "soil less" mix of some description. My leaves were similar to these.[​IMG]

    I was very releived when the flush worked out. Another question. If nutrients turn to salts would it be better to say pour one watering can through the soil, let it sit for a couple of minutes then finish flushing? I thought a little time might help the salt crystals to "melt" into the water and by the time I finish flush more likely to be carried out of the pot.
  6. Bump.
    Can't seem to find Fox Farm in Australia, does anyone know if there is a similar soil you can get locally?

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