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Discussion in 'General' started by plumface_2002, May 31, 2006.

  1. Who here has tried any?

    I myself am getting a healthy supply of 5-me0-DMT

    and around 5 moderatly strong 4-HO-DiPT trips.

    there alot of them, so if i could save some brain cells by hearing about others accounts first hand, it would be sweet haha.

    god bless.
  2. the dmt is only really trippy n cool the very first time u do it, so i'd advise you do a strong dose, it'll make u scared n cry for your mommy, but it'll be worth it haha.

    never done 4-HO-DiPT yet

    5-meo-amt is the best one i think, its kinda like a really visual acid trip without the mind fuck and it lasts forever

    2c-e is pretty good at a strong dose, pretty trippy

    n thats all i got first hand experience with for now
  3. i liked the dmt, the amt was my first time doing a "chemical" and i packed a one hitter full of it.

    the amt really messed me up.

    2 c-i was meh.

    edit: ive never done dipt.

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