Rescued: Winter grown Window Plant

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  1. I just took a window plant of some bagseed thats been growing since Oct in a pot with just a bunch of other seeds and seedlings. So basically, its who's knows what growing in who knows what for who knows how long.

    The plant is tall and under nurished but continues to grow. The height is just over 18 inches tall. There was alot of window stretch and they were pruning the larger fan leaves.

    1. Is this plant flowering? I tried to capture and maybe you can see, but looks like I can see budsite hairs on the top of the plant. I'm praying that it is malnurished new growth. Still the plant seems to be sexing female, if not flowering.

    2. Whats she going to do under 24 lights? I've dug this plant out without many roots. The previous pot had worms and mites in the soil. I've repotted the plant up to the leaves. This is done in a circular LST manner under the soil with sufficient CFL lighting on 24 since Sat morn. Hoping this will help the re-establish the roots.

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  2. Can't really tell much from the pics. Its just gonna be a waiting game now. It should recover given the right care.
  3. Thats the plan. Hopefully, it kicks back to veg with the lights on 24. If a plant can grow in the shortening days of winter and window light, its a tough cookie.
  4. You should be'll probably have a few days where you won't see anything happening as the plant is trying to re-establish itself to the environment you've put it in. Maybe a few yellowing leaves as sugars get used up for new root production. Try to limit any future fan leaf removal. Those are the solar panels that get her fed, so you want to keep them around. If it's been under window lighting, you may see some indication of sex, but I can't really tell from the pics you've provided us with. If it is, you'll see some weird-shaped leaves begin to form as it reverts back to vegetative stage, but that will cease in about two weeks.
  5. Just beneath the two blurry yellow dots in pic four I see "what look like" two pre flowers.

    It's a little hard to tell.

    Can you take a better pic if that area.
  6. Thanks for the replies. My macro zoom is shitty and is not cooperating. If its sexing, its a she.

    I've already laid her down for LST maximumization. I'll just start the grow jounal under the same title.

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