Rescue Plant...Need some answers.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Hammer3id, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. OK...this is my first post on these boards. To make a long story short. I rescued a plant out of the ground in my back yard. Potted it, cared for it, and gave it the best that I could. It started to flower in the first week of August. Its now Oct 12th. The plant was most likely bagseed and is a sativa.

    I been reading and doing my research here and on other sites as well as watching videos and readings books on the subject. But the time has come to ask some experts.

    I've been watching the trichromes very closely. They started small. Then grew to be more erect. Last week they all started to turn milky white. They've been milky white for just over a week. The pistils are about 20% orange with a bunch of the others turning orangish brown at the tips. I checked the trichromes with my handy jewelers loupe and as of today a lot of the trichromes are bent over. I can't really tell if there turning amber. Through my research I learned that sativas can take a few more weeks. I started flushing the plant about 6 days ago.

    Any suggestions? Projections on when to harvest? Should I harvest in a day or so? Should I wait until I see amber trichromes, or wait for more of the pistils to turn color? Oh yeah...the smell is incredible.
  2. Im pretty new myself so I cant really answer any of these.

    But kudos for actually taking the time to look things up on your own and be informed with good questions.

    Hopefully someone steps in to get you the info you need!

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