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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by krazdballer, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Ok i have a question how many of you will smoke resballs if you have nothin else to smoke. Personally I dont give a shit but some of my friends hate the taste and will never smoke one.
  2. I'm the same way. There will be countless post talking about how disgusting it is but it doesn't bug me at all. Since I only smoke quality bud the resin gets me extremely high so in a way cleaning my pipe is somewhat a treat.
  3. What can I say, I'm a ballah. :cool:
  4. Last night i was chilling at my aunts house when these freinds of hers show up. I was high and naturaly they wanted to smoke my kush to. so one of them fumbles out a pipe for me to pack when all of a sudden he drops it and it busts on the floor. This morning i go outside and find the remnants on the ground still almost intact i look at it and realize the only thing holding this pipe is resin. I scooped out a ball of resin the size of a shooter marble. I have been taking a rip with every bowl of crip "I LOVE IT"

    I Will try to get a picture of it.
  5. Sounds tight, unfortunitly the only broken pipes I scrape are usually mine. :( Gone through 4 pipes, two bongs, and heady bubbler.
  6. Resins Gross.

    I clean my pipe out every time i smoke out of it with Denture fizzy tablets.

    Brand new =D
  7. Fatass bowl of dank with a resin ball on top in the middle. Roasts forever, tastes like money.
  8. But This was a resin Gold mine. I have to find my usb cord for my camera I love these forums. Pluss he left and i will probably never see that guy again pluss i smoked them out on the best dro in jax. So it's fair. I am so flipping High:smoke::smoking::bongin:
  9. Well if your smoking on some kush no wonder.
  10. Ive seen a bong collector of sorts take his chillum and bust it open for the resin. He was dry on weed and that resin tasted good through the bong. :smoking:
  11. I'm not gonna lie, i've smoked res balls before

    it wasn't THAT bad if you got a big enough hit and didn't taste your bong along with it

    just get a drink..i'd do it again if i was dry and couldn't fall asleep :p
  12. lol its to early to call any dealers

    i juss smoked a fatty resi ball :smoking:
  13. Exactly. Get all happy and blazed for free, basically, in an awkward position. Besides, I like to keep my pieces clean.
  14. I used to smoke pipe res. Heck i don't even like hash, just weed.
  15. hey at least it smells good when it burnin....smoke some bud , or eat some hash cookies :)
  16. Yeah same, I have a phat chillum that I pack whenever I get that one-hitter quitter shit. I love scrapping that thing because the res gets me high as a kite.
  17. i clean my bowl with water and a paper towel after every time i smoke it so it never gets resinated at all it's like smoking out of a brand new piece every time

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