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  1. Been having browning leaf problems this grow and scared because had a simliar issue last grow that ended up with buds that started to become brown and crispy. Forced early harvest gave low THC content.

    Wondering if its my nutrient solution. I use standard canna line with terpinator and mammoth p. I have a 55 gallon res that I mix to 5.8 ph, about 800ppm and the water temp stays around 79-80 F. The nutrient solution lasts about 4 or 5 waterings ( 2-3 days). I have a 180 gph pump that recirclelates from bottom to top of res. But often gets bogged down by gunky nutrients(its pretty gross).Every watering session i have to add ph down because the ph goes up.

    Is the water too high a temp for coco?
    Am I letting the solution sit too long?
    Is simply recirculating the water not enough O2?
    Is it normal for that brown gunk to appear on everything in the many questions....

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  2. 1 way to high, 69 degrees, buy a chiller, you really have no choice here.
    2 IDK
    3 No where near enough air, add a commercial pump especially with that water temp.
    4 No. Probably a little root rot. Roots brown? They should be white as snow. All this stems from high water temps.
  3. I use Cannas full line of nutrients with good results. I'm very hesitant to add another nutrient lines products to Canna or any brand for that matter
    The Canna boost causes some minor clumping nothing unmanageable.
    Ph rise is normal and to be expected
    Also a ph swing can be good for you as different nutrients absorb better at different levels. I ph to 5.7 let it rise to 6.0 then ph down again as many times as needed.
    My advice would be drop everything not Canna see if that works for you
  4. Thanks hardrive. So I added a chiller. I hope my ac can keep up with the heat it puts off.

    The roots poking through the smart pot look bright white.

    I have a pump and 4 air stones. Just need too find a plug in. I was hoping the coco would aireate it enough but the stones wont hurt 1566355788369.jpg 1566355836336.jpg

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  5. Thanks for all the info Joshua. I will take the terpinator out since its unnecessary.

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  6. Move everything outside ur tent, if ur in a tent, chiller, res, air pump, LED drivers if you use that type.
    Add a fan to keep stationary air moving, your plants will sweat when bigger and could lead to bud rot
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  7. Yes reservoir temp to high
    Canna hydro products are to be changed out every seven to ten days .
    If your water is gunky or root are slimy then you have root rot .
    I use Pond Mag model 3 pond pumps .. Mainly because they have a good filter on them .
    I have the discharge set up as a sprayer and it oxygenates the water .

    Ps Canna Boost and rock Resinator work with Canna Aqua Flores A and B .
    I also switched from Cal mag to the GH Cal Magic .
    Cal mag is made from something I don't remember but its from sodium ..
    GH Cal Magic is not ...

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