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  1. You have all experienced it! your outta smoke an you got no way to get any more. your stuck with nothing but resin to smoke from your glass pipe.

    How do you go about taking a hit?

    My buddy brought over one of your standard mid sized glass spoon pipes today and was bragging about how caked she was with res. So i asked to take a hit and lit up my Bic lighter and sucked the flame right into the hole, sucking quickly and letting the flame suck into the pipe like a jet engine slowly building heat and burning the good stuff and sending in clouds of white smoke.

    My buddy then complains saying im doing it all wrong. Says I need to slowly puff on the pipe with flame on each inhale and blowing the smoke out of your mouth until a cloud of smoke turns up then take 1 more large puff and inhale into the lungs.

    I know either way works and got us both buzzin but what way do you hit the res left over in your glass pipe.

    (I recently got a new piece I have been workin hard :smoking: on building up enough res to get a good hit lol)
  2. My pipe is long enough to be held in the middle, so I usually turn on the stove and burn the bowl from the bottom for about ~2 minutes? Then I flick my bic and slowly inhale, let go of the carb and inhale some more. I turn off the lighter and take a deep of an inhale as I can with my finger on the carb and just before I fill my lungs up, I let go of the carb and powerfully inhale again! After doing this the right way, I'm coughing like a little bitch and salivating like crazy!! :smoke:

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