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Res hits question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by RavenousDork, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. I have some res in my bubbler...but it is all in the sliding bowl part...down the tube.

    So how do I get it out? Or can I smoke it right from inside the tube? Should I just torch the glass and pipe cleaner it out? the bowl and the tube are one piece, but the way the bowl connects with the tube is like...

    . \ /
    . \ /
    . |\ /|
    . | |
    . | |
    . | |

    so I can't directly flame the res by sucking in from bowl...I think.

    Does this make sense? any help on how to hit the res
  2. Rubbing alcohol and salt in side the bubbler and plug the holes(carb and mouth peice) and shake. Or put inside zip lock bag and pour iso and salt and shake alot. I had the same problem, its a bitch to get off, i still havent gotten it all off, just most of it. gl

    btw this is to clean the bubb.
    if you want to smoke it. scratch with paper clip and get it out. res taste like crap!
  3. Yeh, but it cant get you lifted pretty well.
  4. I wanna smoke it! I guess I'll scrape.
  5. I Did It I'm Pretty High. Thanks To All Of You Who Voted! Polls Close!
  6. Actually res gets you high as hell. It's just horrible for your lungs.

  7. Thats good for cleaning the resin out. Good luck smoking it afterwards.

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