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  1. Hey! newb grower in distress and need of help lol...

    Just received my 8" Ice Box heat exchanger and my Hailea Ultra Titan 1500 water chiller (1/2PS). I don't require assistance with the set up of these tools or anything like that, but more to the point I am trying to figure out how I can use them as efficiently as possible.

    I am planning an indoor grow consisting of (x2) 600W lights in either separate tents or one shared big tent (Not decided yet) and I want to cool both lights (reflectors) using the ice box (1 on each reflector).

    What I really need to know is if my water chiller is powerful enough to efficiently cool both of these lights. I plan to attach both ice box's to the same chiller and reservoir. Could this work with this chiller or would it be inefficient?

    The reason that I don't want to invest in another chiller to use separately for each light is because its going to cost too much money (electricity) to run both.

    How long (approximately) would it take a 600W bulb to heat up a 200-300litre reservoir? If there was sufficient time, maybe I could save some money on the electricity by only activating the chiller once the light has heated it up quite a lot (to a certain temperature).

    I had a lot of other questions in mind that i've forgotten now -.- hopefully i can find some answers on here, thanks in advance
  2. the chiller is automatic once the res hits a certain temp making itself as efficient as its going to get. Do you HAVE to cool the light exhaust? I assume youre not venting outside the grow room?

  3. That's such a relief, thanks a lot. Wasn't aware of that, haven't even used it yet.

    And no i'm not venting outside of the grow room, the air is travelling through the heat exchanger and back into the grow room

    thanks for the response
  4. are you aware that the chiller is going to throw off the heat that it pulls out of the iceboxes and res? make sure the res isnt in the same room to avoid this

  5. Yeah I am aware that the chiller releases heat, this is another issue that concerns me because the main reason I am using a chiller to cool the lights is to mask the heat as I'm afraid of getting busted by the cops using FLIR cameras.

    Do you mean make sure the chiller isn't inside the same room? I don't see why the res would matter since its going to keep being cooled by the chiller lol.

    I am also wondering if the heat being thrown out by the chiller is as powerful as the heat thrown out by the grown lights? I'm assuming it should be since the heat is not actually being reduced or anything, only transfered.

    My only idea to mask the heat spot from the chiller is to have an extractor fan near the point where the heat is released and have the hot air extracted & ducted away, then blown by multiple fans so that the hot air is circulated all around the room. I think this would counter any FLIR camera(?).

    is there a way to work out how much money my chiller will cost me to cool a 600w grow light? my chiller says 790watt cooling capacity, but it also says "power consumption: 375W" which is confusing me because I don't know how much watts it is using to run. It does not indicate volts or amps either :S

    In either case, finding out the watt of my chiller is only the beginning to understanding how much its going to cost me. I still need to know how long the chiller is actually going to be in use for. Can I determine this by timing how long it takes the reservoir to get heated by the lights? and how long it takes the chiller to cool the res?

    lol a lot of questions -.- i'm gonna have to learn through experience I think.
  6. worried about FLIRS huh? :) I like it!

    so only the chiller needs to be outside the room. and a chiller is small so the heat signiture would be very small also. FLIR cams look for BIG hotspots not little chillers but either way, you could just as easily have an aquarium in your home that the chiller is cooling so thats probably no issue. where were you thinking about putting the chiller?
    the heat being thrown off by the chiller is pretty close to the heat of the lights but its actually all of the energy taken from the lights plus a little bit to transfer to the chiller and remove.

    the only accurate way to calculate the chiller consumption is to use a plug in electricity monitor. Theyre available at any home improvement store and get plugged into the wall in between the chiller and the outlet. Then it measures how much energy the chiller uses throught the day/week/month. then you multiply that KWH usage by your power company's charge per KWH. There is no other way to do this because you dont know how often the chiller will be on.

    it seems like you have another room to put the chiller. Have you considered just venting the light heat into that space instead of using the chiller? you could also cover your res in reflective mylar to reduce heat

  7. Thanks for all the help, really appreciate it, maybe I should just private message you since nobody else is willing to contribute & help me out haha.

    And umm what's the importance of having the chiller in a separate room? I was planning to have the chiller + reservoir behind my tent, but if there is an advantage I can gain by having it in a separate room then I'd definitely look into it.

    As for the heat released by the chiller, isn't this the same heat that the bulb is producing? I mean its not like the chiller is reducing the heat or anything like that, it's only cooling it once it gets into the reservoir right?

    Or is the heat released by the chiller a separate heat (not the heat from the grow light) generated by the chiller simply because it is in usage? This kind of makes more sense, i don't see why the chiller would be releasing the heat from the grow light. This is the best outcome for me because then I can stop panicking that the chiller is emitting heat equal to a 600W HPs, as long as the heat released by the chiller is LESS than the 600W HPs.

    If the chiller is releasing the same amount of heat as the grow light, or almost NEAR the same amount, then it's not worth me using a chiller at all. Since my main purpose for using the chiller is to remove the heat from the light in order to evade the FLIR cameras lol

    Thanks a lot, I'm going to buy one asap and run my equipment on it to see how much its going to cost me.
  8. no need to PM. others can learn from this :)

    the chiller doesnt need to be in another room but to increase efficiency, you want the chiller in as cold of an environment as possible. It could be in a nice cold crawlspace even but the colder the better, that way it works less

    the reason youre using the chiller to begin with is because youre using the iceboxes which will heat up your res. Remember all youre doing is moving extra heat around. Youre never adding cold("chilling") but rather taking heat. Im sure you knew that already

    the heat released by the chiller is the heat taken from the lights, res, and some small ammount of chiller heat usage

    so whats really happening here is heat from lights goes to res. then heat from res goes to chiller.

    you may be able to simply vent the heat from the light into the space that the chiller would be in(the colder the better). This would mean no chiller which would save your energy bill a bit and take up less space
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    Appreciate the response & support bro,

    Since the chiller is emitting the heat from the light, res, + its own heat, that means the chiller is actually letting off more heat than the 600W alone? Thus its creating a bigger heat spot than the bulb itself (?). This would put me at higher risk against FLIR, which is what I hoped to avoid by using the chiller in the first place. So the heat can be removed from the grow environment (tent) but without exhausting it somewhere its still going to be released in my house as it cannot magically disappear. It makes sense, can't believe I didn't realize this earlier lol.

    And yeah I could simply just vent the air in another room but I also hoped the chiller + heat exchanger would control temperatures inside the tent. This was the second reason for buying the chiller.
  10. if you just exhaust the heat from the lights without the iceboxes witht he air thats inside the tent going through the lights to outside the tent, you may not even need a chiller. Keeping ylour res wherever it cooler will also help. Kepp in mine your 2 600watt bulbs arent going to make so much heat that FLIR is really a concern but still be cautious about how you vent it. Those guys are really looking for houses with thousands and thousands and thousands of watts of heat coming out
  11. I think I'm gonna do what your advising me to do and just vent the hot air outside the tent through the reflector without using any chiller or ice box. I THINK venting it underneath my floor boards is a good idea, what you think?. This way i'll also save money on electricity by not using so much electricity, plus I was worried that the huge electric consumption (using chiller, pump, ice box etc) could cause me problems with my electricity provider. I don't want them to report me to the police or something if they see my electricity usage increased so much. I'm considering so many little factors because I don't want to get caught haha! And I've seen people say anything under 2000Watts is not worth the effort of using FLIR, but then I've also seen other people posting that FLIR will detect even a 600w bulb. That's why I'm not taking any chances.

    Thanks a lot for the help and advice bro, I'm gonna do exactly what you said
  12. just because FLIR can see it, doenst mean theyll investigate it. They could just as easily see any other house with there normal lights on expelling heat so your 1200watts is nothing to them. Also the electric company wont report you unless you dont pay so just keep on top of it. Even then, youd have to use a LOT for your residence. People have fishtanks and space heaters and old air conditioners and crap like that so youre no threat to them as long as you pay your bill. Venting under the building is a good idea. Be sure to stay on top of the smell though. Dont want your yard to reak of weed :)

  13. I always thought to myself that they shouldn't care as long as I pay the bill, which I do, but I'm still unsure because of some of the posts i've read on the internet regarding the matter. In any case you're right because 1200W is not that much, but I thought if it was an INCREASE on my current electricity usage then they may make an issue. I'm just gonna have to risk it though, no time to keep worrying about everything. And yeah the smell has never been an issue for me lol carbon filters have always performed well for me.

    Thanks once again for your advice
  14. Happy to help :)

    If it helps you sleep, you could have just as easily put in a high powered fishtank, or an addition to your house :)
  15. That chiller is too small to efficiently cool two 600w hids. And you don't want your chiller in the coldest place. It won't work properly.

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