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requiem for a dream?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cannabis1121, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. Has anyone ever seen the movie Requiem for a dream?....w/ Jared Leto & Marlon Waynes..? if anyone wants to kno about it or has comments about the movie write bac..
  2. I have it. Good flick. They should drop all the anti-drug campaigns and show kids that movie. Makes me not want to inject anything into my veins.

    I want to read the book the movie is based on. It's called Last Exit to Brooklyn if anyone is interested.
  3. Yes, i watched it last night with my buddy and girlfriend.
    One of the best movies ive seen.
  4. i have it... it's a pretty good movie
  5. straight scared the shit outa me
    that is all
    the end
  6. if you want to read what other people think about this movie, you could try the search button, as there are at least 3 or 4 other threads about this movie, some of them have some good dissucsions
  7. Requiem is definately one of my favorite movies. I own it and have watched it many times. Although none of them compared to the time I watched it tripping, on my friends surround sound home theatre, I was nearly in tears at the end. The pure emotion of the movie really got to me.
  8. holy shit man, i always tell ppl. i told my parents 2 show my lil brother requim for a dream if he ever gets in trouble wit any of that shit. i saw that and trainspotting and i now have a fear of fuckin needles man! whutthashit!??? artistically tho, its a marvelous film, the director is incredible!! if u love this movie, smoke from a bong, like i just did, then watch the movie Pi. fuckin nuots homey
  9. never seen it, but im guessing its about heroin and shit. anyone seen never die alone? made me realize how much heroin can fuck you up
  10. one of the best movies ever.
  11. i watched that a little over a week ago....

    thank you for mentioning it, and once again giving me the strong desire to jump off a bridge

    top three for mee
  12. It's pretty trippy. I prefer trainspotting though.
  13. Spun got me scared of needles, with Spider Mike injecting it and it showing it slowly going in AH!
  14. requiem for a dream is good, i got it on dvd. how the hell you going to get all scared of slamming from it though....its not even all about that, more emotional. spun was wack....slow as hell and not too realistic of tweakers
  15. depressing, yet entertaining movie. marlon shows some true acting skills

  16. the movie is based on the book requiem for a dream....i believe last exit to brooklyn is just another book by hubert selby jr.
  17. I love the movie, but I couldnt watch it again. Something about it just turns me off. I can't stand watching shit like that. However I completely respect the message and the directing. Oddly enough I think it's just too gritty for me. Which I say "oddly enough" because I love watching really really gritty and violent films. Violent films practically give me a hard-on.
  18. i havent seen this movie yet alot of my friends tell me i should see it.

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