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Requiem For A Dream.

Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Anyone ever see this movie? Its fucking amazing. Watched it nearly 4 times since last night, and I must say its one of my favorites.

    Its about 4 people whos addiction to drugs get stronger and stronger and how their whole life is starting to crumble.

    Strongly recommended, must see. :)
  2. i also heard it was good, will have to rent it soon.

    oh, and is that YMSB in your signature?
  3. Yeah man, I love that movie, it's really cool to watch and real powerful. You should watch Pi (it's really the symbol, but I couldn't find it after looking for like 10 minutes on the character map), it's by the same director. I haven't gotta chance to see it yet but my friend who first showed me Requiem for a Dream said it's really good.

  4. What's YMSB? I know those are the lyrics from a Pink Floyd song, but I dont' remember which one.....
  5. yonder mountain string band? but yes that is pink floyd good-bye blue sky from teh wall
  6. Requiem is an awesome movie. I can only watch it every once in a while b/c at the end I'm never really in a happy mood. And I didn't really care for pi. I like a lot of weird movies, but that wasn't one of them.

  7. i seen this movie and its quite a good flick, a bit hard to understand at first but since i'm into math n shit i found it pretty interesting.
  8. Whoa, sorry for the double topic post guys, had an internet problem. :eek:

    Anyway, glad to see alot of fans of this movie. :)

    Im gonna see if I can find a copy of Pi. Looks pretty interesting.
  9. My friend has the Req. for a dream sound track. We always listen to it stoned it trips me out hardcore
  10. that movie is the shit. a friend and i made a parody called the five stages of death about his cd player dying. we had it talk and everything just like the fridge. we also used the requiem for a dream soundtrack. if you like that movie u should definitely check out spun. it's a great trippy movie about crystal
  11. i prefer not watching it over and over again because its most depressing film ever.
    it taught me NOT to take anything more than weed... well... not ABUSE it everyday at least...
  12. oh by the way... the scar on the guys arm caused by injecting... IS THE MOST SICKEST and TERRIFYING image EVER... please dont say iam over reacting because thats how i feel.

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