Requesting things to consider while searching for a home to grow and live comfortably

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  1. I'm moving to a medical marijuana state with my wife next month to be closer to her parents during their last few hours...

    Both of them are patients and it is quite likely that we will each get our recommendation for the new as well. That would allow us to have 24 flowering plants at a time (and the state doesn't regulate plants that haven't left the vegetative stage). But we have been lucky enough to have been blessed in life financially (and know how beneficial marijuana can be) and would like to act as caregivers and donate medicine for those in need through hospice -- the most plants we would be able to have flowering at one time would be 72.

    Another thing we'd like to do is devote more resources to vegetative space than necessary to support 72 plants... From what I've gathered, the state doesn't have the tremendous diversity (and availability) of strains as California and patients who wish to grow their own generally only have four or five strains to choose from. As vegetative plants are legal, I would be interested in getting 25 or so of the top strains ranging from pure saliva to pure indica from a reputable seed bank and keeping the healthiest as mothers indefinitely to give to other medical caregivers and growers.

    I do have some limited knowledge of growing -- enough to know what I don't know. This isn't a commercial grow operation. I would like to be able to handle a variety of strains at the same time (e.g. a 14 week tall sativa like Dr. Grinspoon and a short and fat 8 week indica).

    I have sufficient resources to fill the rooms with an ideal setup, but that's another discussion... My question is what are some things I should ask my real estate agent to look for in a place that would give me a good place to best accommodate this. I realize a place with a 1000 sqf unfurnished basement that I can subdivide would be ideal, but I can't imagine there are that many of them. So anyway, if you were me -- what are some important things you would mention to your broker (besides obvious security concerns) and no, I don't have to be coy with my broker, it's my brother-in-law.

    Thanks for reading all this, I would really appreciate any thoughts you may have.
  2. Honestly I would ask your brother in-law if there are any homes with unfinished basements. You would be surprised how many are out there with at least 50% unfinished.
  3. Also it is not to difficult to tear out a couple walls and turn a finished basement into a unfinished basement. :D Also just a thought look at breaker boxes to see if there is room for some new breakers for dedicated wiring for your setup. Floor drains could be nice also considering I've seen some basements with no drains just a pipe going out the wall halfway up.
  4. Ventilation -- for an op that size you want a room or area that is pre-built to bring in lots of fresh air and also either has ample exhaust or would be easy to build out.
  5. Ventilation, running water, a drain to waste, and a GFI circuit. Depending on where you live, you may need heat, and/or air conditioning, too. Out of all of these, ventilation is the most important. You can tote water in and out, or wire up a GFI anywhere.. but ventilation isn't as easy to create stealthly. Perhaps a dryer vent, or two, would suffice. Just be sure to scrub any air before exhausting it.

    I would try to choose a basement, where you can paint the floor/walls white, with a drain in the floor and a minimal amount of windows, which will need to be blocked.

    Bless you guys for wanting to help others by donating.

  6. ^Agree. I was only mentioning ventilation because that can be a pain at best and an insurmountable obstacle at worst. Like you said, you can tote water yourself and install protected outlets anywhere.

    If you really want to get specific, you would want a somewhat hidden door, like you have to go through a closet to get to the grow room, and it would have a water outlet plus a tiled floor with a floor drain.
  7. Look for a house with a cold room. that will help a lot with not haveing to deal with the heat.

  8. pure salvia eek sounds like all bad trips to me.. ;)....sorry had to :)

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