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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by fernandomx, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. i started growing a while back. " im probably doing about 3 plants"
    And I wanted to know what light I should have for a
    3 foot long, 3 foot wide, and 6 foot tall room.
    That I want to setup as a flowering room.
    Please don't give me brands and names without a description or an explanation. Im a complete scrub, I read some threads, and found nothing helpful...
    REMEMBER IM A SCRUB IN LIGHTING so please help me out here :(
    All your help will be dearly appreciated with active feedback from my grow :D
  2. 3'x3'x6' will do you for a 600w HPS with good ventilation for 9 plants in 3 gall. pots or 400w HPS with poor or 4" dia ventilation

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