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Reqium for a steam(er)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KraziHare, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. I know there've been a billion "my bowl broke" threads but I just felt I needed to make one to commemorate a couple long living, reliable pieces. First was my sister's steamer which served her well over the months that she had it, it was clear with one twist in the middle as well as simple and well constructed, unfortunately not so well constructed that it could stand up against blacktop :(

    Also gone is my wonderful phish themed, original, handcrafted bowl. It was a perfect combination of orange and blue, the bowl was medium sized and the hole was just large enough so as to not suck your herb through. It lasted longer than any of my friend's bowls, in fact it was the first one I ever got, It was 4 years old and fell victim to a wobbly table.

    I will miss you both.
  2. A moments silence for all the good bongs that have died serving thier masters :D
  3. My first piece ever, a foot tall glass bong, is still around. However, someone stole it from me. At least that bastard is still using it. :(
  4. if anyone ever stole my bong, it would be the last mistake they made. i would hunt them down. ive already done this for one of my pipes that went M.I.A. he was sorry alright lol
  5. my first bowl ever just got dropped two nights ago. one of my best friends dropped it by accident, but i didnt even care at the time since i was lit. now im pretty sad. but now i get to go search for a new one. :)
  6. ill be sure to toke one in commeration of your well loved pieces buddy... i pray you find ones of equal calliber to continue our favorite bordom ridding passtime of token :D
  7. I still have my my first Bowl of all time the infamous Midnight Toker. Unfortunatly though someone broke my pride and joy JRR TOKIN those bastards

  8. Your peices await you when you die, you shall be reunited! for now put the remains in a shoe-box and ask the ganja fairy to give you good herbs the next time you buy :)
  9. I dropped my first pipe last year. I dropped it on my parents tile bathroom floor. I almost cried, but i got all the resin out and got really high and burried it in the woods. god bless you.

  10. agreed
  11. My mom put my first bong in the bin.....its probably on a rubbish tip somewhere...RIP.
  12. My first glass piece was an awesome little spoon that fell victim to me blazing in -10C weather and having numb fingers so my buddy passed it to me and I dropped it on the ground and it broke. I had a small memorial service for it.
  13. RIP my first piece. A spoon which fell out of my pocket in freshman year. I was hiking around.. and fuck. I went back there late that night with a flashlight but I found nothing. Then i came back the next day in the light. *sigh* I'll miss you. I never scraped it too.. that resin woulda lasted me for weeks.
  14. I too had lose a pipe it a unforgiving rock when it fell out of my pocket it was a perfect bubbler with blue and red with a flame of organe and had a perfect size bowl i miss it.
  15. my first bowl was taken from me in an arguement between me and my dad..... I tried to ask for it back a few weeks later, but it was long gone by then... sucks, they don't even mind my smoking now, it was sort of a waste.

    sigh........ i loved that bowl
  16. my dad also took my first bowl when i was 13 and i found it a week later in his coat pocket :)
  17. i know how you feel man.

    once i knocked my spoon off the table with my foot :(

    and i had a sherlock that a friend of mine dropped :(

    sad shit really

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