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  1. Just a simple question - is there anywhere that I can view all of my reputation, other than the latest within my User CP.
  2. i dont know but i want to know what a purple colored box means instead of the green ones, sorry i couldnt help mundi
  3. I believe purple is no good or bad rep and possibly red for bad rep?
  4. The grey colored means someone tried to bad-rep you, but your status was so much higher than theirs that the board doesn't count it. It's "neutral"
  5. Purple is a new member who doesnt have enough rep to give rep.
  6. Guys... I wasn't asking about color. I wanted to know if there's a way to view all of my repuation activity rather than just the latest. Thanks.
  7. pretty sure you can only view the latest given man
  8. That doesnt make sense.

    I have grey markers with comments like "Thanks, i appreciate the help"

  9. Oh. Well fakkded said this:

    So I guess I would have to back that up
  10. :devious:
    their rep is too low to affect either way....i think its a way to keep people who join one day from fucking up established members' rep.
  11. nope i think everyone has it all wrong....people leave names with comments and I have recieved (purple, grey, whatever color you color blind people see) from highly repped memebers(or I could have swore I have,srry i get HIGH to much)...

    i think it has some kind of order...get 4 green,1purp.6green,1 purp....when i was early in it, it was 2 blues at some point... and negs. matter with how many purps(no points are givin) either way you can only choose agree or disagree so what you think? may sound farfetch'd but i'm high:wave: if i'm wrong i'm wrong+

    by the way only keeps your latest recieved sorry
  12. realdealz, you did not receive rep from highly repped members....if you did, it would not have been grey, it was someone posing as those members and thus should be reported to an admin(has happened to me and some others)

    the blueish grey ones just mean the members were not here long enough to affect actual rep(it can be neg or positive)
  13. i didnt realize the rep system was this complicated for some....maybe someone should make a sticky with the FAQs about the rep system.
  14. ya ive gotten the gray....its ppl who try to bad rep u but cant...i hate it
  15. no no no no no

    gray means that the person who gave you rep couldnt add (+rep) nor take away (neg rep) points because they either 1) have really low rep or 2) have not been here long enough to affect anyone elses rep.
  16. i have all green and one pruple
  17. Ok, I'll answer your question... Usually you go to where yo edit your signature. Click edit (you don't have to change it) and a screen should appear with all your rep.
  18. I'm pretty sure it goes:

    Green - Positive
    Red - Negative
    Purple - Positive netural
    Gray - Negative netural

    oh, and mundi I think there is no way.

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