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  1. If we aren't going to get rid of it then it should also go to higher levels than 10,000.

    Here, this instructional video will illustrate what I mean.

    [ame=]YouTube - Spinal Tap - 11[/ame]

    Yes I'm high. I'm hoping this makes Rummy laugh instead of ban me :bolt:
  2. Oh shit what if every 1k rep points you get, it would change a block to gold. Now that's an idea.
  3. "....... these go to 11!"
  4. vbulletin only allows 11 squares.
  5. Give the squares an Exponential value, so when you max them out you have something like 100 Billion Rep :D
  6. If I had my way the whole system would be gone, or it would change to hide rep from viewers. E-penises are silly really. The concept is sound in that it can help identify a good poster, but in the end it's broken by human nature. should go to 11(000) :laughing: This thread was a little tongue in cheek but only partially.
  7. :confused:

    i just broke 17 thousand...

    you must be doing it wrong.

  8. I have one million rep points.
  9. You all have soo much rep, no wonder you want more boxes. It's all about the light six green bars. someday.....someday

    ya'll are straight up ballers!
  10. not really sure i understand how the rep works... Sometimes I get positive rep that is green boxes, other times it's gray???

    Also, whats with the dull and bright green boxes? It would make sense if you max out on the dull, then start building the bright boxes, but obviously that's not how it works... like ICURAToker has 8 total, 3 of which are bright... makes no sense to me.. have always been curious about that.
  11. I'd still rather see it all just go away.

  12. Isn't that how it works? I had 5 dull green boxes, and then got 6 light green boxes.
  13. This version doesn't.
    The upgraded version allows the admin to fully customize the reputation system. Once you hit full bars, you can get something like a star or a different color bar to replace it.

    At least that's how it works on a few other forums I frequent.
  14. They could add cannabis leaves instead of stars.
  15. Or we could just get rid of it. ;)
  16. I find reputation to be a clear representation of just that, a User's reputation. As the User's reputation increases, so does his credibility amongst User's, new and old. I see daily the impact that a large bar of reputation can have on the amount of trust User's will place in your posts. It gives others a sense of your seasoned-ness almost, as it pertains to Grasscity that is.

  17. ok... i see. I was thinking of another way. like you have 11 boxes total right... so you get all 11 dull boxes, then to show you getting even more rep, instead of adding more boxes, you start to replace the dull ones with bright ones.

    must've been to high to ever see it working that way lol :smoking:
  18. Barring that I'd really like to see pot leaves accompany my 11 bars!!!

    But yeah I told you recently I supported that. Imagine a community where everyone walks around wearing different sized pieces of gold. Similar to the rep system. It's just a popularity contest and I'll even say this publicly, I used to post a lot of pickup threads in Stash Jar (got paranoid and deleted them tho) and that's how I got all my rep. Buying pot, taking pictures with good camera = rep lol
  19. I stopped posting pictures of my pickups because I don't like having my pot called crap. :(

    I have no strong feelings either way on the rep system. I can take it or leave it. :smoking:
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