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  1. How long does it take to get to be able to effect someone elses rep? Like mine is 2 bars. How much do I need? Because I'm hearing that your rep doesn't do anything until you have a certain number of bars. Am i wrong or right? Sorry I didn't search so if this is a repost, my bad.
  2. You need a light green bar, however, with the amount of blowhards and young and often underage kids on this board, having no rep is probably a badge of honor.
  3. When you have light green bars, you will affect someone else rep. But if you have under so many posts with a light green bar like under 500, it wont affect there rep. Something like this.
  4. The 6th bar is light green and I think that's when you get to give rep. I think it's 500 points.
  5. Damn that kinda sucks. So whats the point of even giving ppl rep when that low? nothing lol Thinking back, I've givin a BUNCH of ppl +rep. None of that maters.:( I'm bummed, lol :eek:

  6. It matters to me, champ. *starts crying*
  7. lmfao thanks man :D
  8. It takes awhile for most people, hell if it weren't for a grow journal i did like a year ago i probably would only have 2 bars.
  9. Yea, once I have my own place im gonna put a grow on here prob.
    You got a link ^^^?
  10. I need probably one more rep till I got that ability, it's 500 points.

    Takes a long ass time, seeing how it's solely from information - not hella pictures or threads.
  11. fuck rep its the thought that counts man go purple nurple.
    i hope i can still give neutral when i finally get my LG bar just to piss people off:cool:
  12. Yea, I like to go on the Apprentice Tokers section and just give some information out like it's the local newspaper on a street of new york. :D
  13. lmao you dick :p

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