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  1. hey guys i was just wondering how i can view my rep and how do i figure out why its red??
    well i know why its red but i didnt think i disrespected anyone
  2. go to the uer cp in the top left

    and its red cuz your bad
  3. yeah agree with smoking girly and go to *my account* to know why when wre you bad!
  4. i suggested a new sub forum. admins and mods were nice. instead of a simple no from someone, i got a neg rep. went from a +7 to a -12 in 1 hit... i feel degraded.
  5. Reputation guidelines and FAQ here.
  6. Then peopl see you have a red rep and negrep you just for the hell of it, cuz they know you cant do shit back because your rep means nothing.

    Life's a bitch.
  7. ya thats what happend to me. I didnt disrespect anyone and i didnt do anything wrong so i dont understand why i got a -rep
  8. PM the mods and delete this thread.
  9. Rep doesn't mean a thing and I get a kick out of it when I get -repped, as I always do the same to them. If they're -repping people in the first place they must give a shit about squares over their name, and I'm glad to fuck with their important little squares.
  10. be nice and get +rep, be mean and get -rep.... if the person cant do stuff it becomes grey rep
  11. everyone neg rep me. .

    i wana see what happens.

    go on. . .let me have it!
  12. i found out why i got negitive rep
    yesterday i posted a thread about 2012 being the end of the world, i didnt offend anyone or call anyone names and apparently i got negative rep from 3 or 4 people for being an "idiot" and posting what i belive. I didnt think thats a valid reason to be neg repped
  13. There are no valid reasons, it's all subjective which makes it so easy to abuse. For instance, here's a +rep for no reason at all. Have a blast with it.
  14. If you care about rep, you're the type of person who's going to get neg repped.
  15. it was probably because you posted a thread that has been posted 100s of times before.
    it happens.
    just use the search bar befor EVERY thread you start.
    and everything will be fine and dandy.:D
  16. i dont really care about rep im just kind of upset because i did nothing wrong and i come onto the forum a little while ago to find my square red which shocked me because i know i didnt do anything wrong. well ya i guess you could say i care a little because i give +rep to people alot and now my rep doesnt count and it makes people think im a bad person

  17. SERIOUSLY. Why do people always bitch about others not using the search button? Do you? Cuz if so, you're kinda gay. I can understand for simple questions, because you don't need new discussion, just the correct answer, but other than that, stfu.
  18. no i know that it was not that reason.
    i know what the reason is because when i go to my profile it says at the bottom
    recent reputations recived and next to the person that gave me the rep it says what thread its from and it says the reason they -repped me.
    3 of the people who neg repped me said it was because i was an idiot and 1 said i was a dumbass.
  19. To the OP your question has been answered, we have too many threads like this bro. Next time just use the search button or go here.
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