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Reputation courtesy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Veggietales, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. If someone reps you, should you inbox them and thank them, or rep them back.

    I honestly have no fucking idea. You can delete this thread once I get a good answer.
  2. Whatever is appropriate at the time, broseph.
  3. I usually send a nice thank you note and mail them a puppy.
  4. its just the internet
  5. Rep is serious business!
  6. I usually just post a visitor message thanking the blade that gave me rep (or PM him/her if visitor messages are disabled).
  7. I give them a blowjob.
  8. i usually just leave a visitor message. often i'll also look at the threads they've started and recent posts and if there's anything rep worthy i'll rep 'em back :)

    it doesn't really matter that much though.

    happy toking :bongin:
  9. Uhhhh, Things to do if someone Reps/Likes you.

    1-Send them a friendly e-mail/response stating your many thanks.
    2-Start a friendship with them for they might have a secret crush on you, you never know.
    3-Offer them a QP of that DANK, or to be more subtle ask where they live and maybe burn a blunt
    4-Offer them your sexual partner, or even yourself (if you swing that way)
    5-Ask them why they gave you rep, if it was for the wrong reason (meaning one you didn't like) Hop on a mini pony named nay nay, put on your jungle boots, spark up that blunt of kush, grab the gasoline FIND THE KID THEN BURN HIS HOUSE DOWN.

    Thank you for your time.
  10. i usually just send them some sexy pictures of me licking a pair of knee-high boots.
  11. You're over thinking this, were on the Internet..

  12. I want a fucking puppy, Brittany Spaniel to be exact.

    I'll be repping you asap.

    Never said it wasn't the internet, I just choose to be respectful to other members of this site.
  13. I don't usually do anything. I feel good about it and hope those vibes get telepathically transferred to him/her, and since he/she's probably high like me; they probably did.
  14. Pass the Dutchie to the left, thats where the Rep is at.
  15. I say thanks depending on if i like the person or not. true story. Or if i just feel like bein nice. Not that rep matters at all anyways but just because.

  16. Wouldn't recommend #3 since it sorta violates The Rules, 4(h). And #5 doesn't sound like the best idea, either ;)
  17. I'm new here and i would love to get my rep up because its sort of a way to prove you either know something that others don't, or your a funny/cool person, and people more or less like you or what you're about.

    Many haters are gonna say ohhhh fuck that its the internet who cares, well my response is that us stoners gotta stick together because were constantly oppressed by the people that frown upon us because we blaze. My question for the haters would be why the hell are you here?

    P.S-My Little Pony.

  18. I know you didn't directly do so...but FYI, don't ask for rep. It's a good way to get neg rep from those who can do that, and to not get rep from others. :)

    The best way to prove that you're knowledgeable is just to write helpful posts. There's been talk from mods/admins about disabling rep because too many people complain about it and it's sometimes used inappropriately (e.g. as a "popularity contest").

    There are a handful of threads on rep & likes in General Feedback. Here's a couple of informative ones:
  19. Lol I gave him rep.

    bitch didnt even say thanks :(
  20. I don't know if I have any rep, I really only use my phone.

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