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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Shmeeb, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Does anybody know/can refer me to any reputable sources showing how pot really isn't bad for you?

    I'm in a long argument with my parents on the issue, and they claim my arguments don't have reputable proof.
    Can anyone please help me out?
  3. Jack Herer's book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, is full of useful information and sources and has an offer of quite a few thousand dollars for anyone who can point out anything false in the book, no offers have been made yet.

    Also the vid in my sig below is all completely factual, in the video description i didn't have room for all the sources so it is much easier to take whatever statement your parents wont believe and simply do a google search on it. Almost always you get plenty of reputable clinical studies and articles
  4. I never had to try, I typed in Marijuana's health affects and got nothing but the truth and that was basically its affect is little or none.
  5. thanks everyone
  6. dont say thanks just give us an update thats all we want when we post help lol but no problem man we all gotta stick together and fight the good fight
  7. update:
    parents=semi defeated by me proving through many sources the positives of cannibis.
    however, they still do believe that the adolescent brain should not be tampered with, because it is in a very crucial building point. they also say that weed is not a good outlet, and that one should get naturally high through exercise, laughing, etc..

  8. Since when does exercise provide a natural high? Your parents seem to be grasping at thin air.
  9. I agree with "The Union" being a great source of accurate information (and tastefully done, unlike 99% of marijuana documentaries...with the exception of Joe Rogan).

    As for adolescent use, I don't know if we have enough money to say one way or another about the effects on a developing young adult. If laughter creates a natural high though, marijuana helps that. Ha.

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