Repurposing a Closet Shower into a grow room

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by mendeleyev, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Hello! This is my first post ever, and I am beginning my first grow ever with a Wonder Woman Feminized strain. 

    Anyway, I will get pictures if someone requests them but my question is about light insulation.

    So I have a really cruddy shower that I haven't used since I moved into my trailer (about four years... Where has the time gone) 

    I have been thinking about where to grow forever and when I was taking a dump, it just dawn on me - The friggin' shower!

    I have invested in some good lights and everything. When I was looking at the shower though, I was wondering if I needed line the shower with anything reflective. The shower is the typical for crappy trailers, cheap plastic with an extremely cheap glass/plastic door (I really don't know which it is)

    I've read that Tin foil/aluminum foil is bad, but I think I read that Mylar is ok.

    Amazon sells some cheap, large Mylar Blankets and I was wondering if I should buy some of that?

    Also, the shower has about a 2 foot clearing about the ceiling, should I enclose this as much as possible or leave it open? I figured leaving it open would be good for circulation. 

    To summarize,

    line the shower with mylar or other?

    Leave the opening for circulation or enclose that with mylar too?

    I'm sure you will see me on this forum again soon with more questions. 

  2. If you are going to need to use that bathroom for anything but the grow room you can leave it open. If the walls are almond or white I wouldn't worry about them, just mylar to cover the door, of course if you have the resources to do the whole thing.........Also need to think about odor control and ventilation
  3. I was considering an ONA bucket for odor control and playing it by ear that way. It will be a one plant grow to feel out my room and how to do it. Since I will main line the plant, I figure one plant is fine anyway.

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