Republican tokers?

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  1. Both my father and i are republicans and life members of the NRA. We smoke everyday. is that weird or something?
  2. This place is dominated by Republican, Libertarian tokers!
  3. I'm registered Republican but the GOP is really a lost cause now. The only reason they're stil major is because people know the name Republican and the name Democrat, and automatically disregard any other party. I would've voted McCain probably had I been old enough.

  4. small government

    right to bear arms

    I guess I could be considered republican except so many republics are way to moralist for my taste. politics is confusing.

    rights are my thing
  5. I'm not republican, Republicans are just a slightly conservative version of the democratic party. I despise the two party monopoly that has been established in this country.

    I'm a libertarian in the classical liberalism sense of the term. I would suggest this to be the prevailing ideology in the political forum if not the whole site.
  6. Libertarian. :smoke:
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    Irish Republican that is...:D:D:D


    Democracy is the road to socialism.​
  8. Thats why we are a representative republic:smoke:

  9. Im all for representation budda...:)

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