Republican tokers?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tokemasterjax, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Do any others exist?? I am proud to say i am one, but i find it hard to come across others. Not that i have a problem with other party smokers, hell ill smoke with just about any body. Just wanna see if there's any on here!
  2. I dont really know what my political affiliations are. I like ron paul though
  3. yea im registered as a republican but am more of a libertarian...have a bunch of friends who are republicans who smoke
  4. i thot republican smokers were a myth. idk im blazed lol:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:
  5. Gary E. Johnson is a cool ass Republican who used to toke :bongin:
    Gary E. Johnson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    [ame=]YouTube - Gary Johnson to Stephen Colbert: Marijuana is SAFER[/ame]


    I'm not a republican,i'm nothing really,i don't trust any politician :laughing:
  6. I'm a registered republican, although I consider myself a libertarian with some conservative leanings

  7. Nice I'd definitely consider voting for him.


    Someone posted that comment on the gary e johnson vid

    So basically they hate dankity dank strains?
  8. I was born and raised in a state so red that I could move to Massachusetts for the rest of my life, and i'd still be conservative deep down inside. I also have been smoking for about 16 years or so. I'm also a lifetime member of the NRA.
  9. They messed up my voter registration and said I'm a democrat....:fucking pissed face:

    I am proud to be a Libertarian (Right wing ftw)
  10. Ah, labels and mainstream politics are gay IMO.
  11. Fox News...
  12. I HATE Fox News. EVERY flippin time I go to my parent's house, my dad is on the fucking couch watching "The O'Reilly Factor" and muthafucking "Glen Beck". I hate these guys. They are rude, ignorant, southern hicks that need to get a fucking life. Well O'Reilly not AS much, but I hate Glen Beck. He's just dirty.
    But I don't hate all republicans....mostly just Fox News, and the really crazy ones that actually believe in the government...

    Libertarian FTW!

    In my opinion, you aren't fucking American if you don't like to shoot a gun every now and then!

  13. my whole family is from MA and were all republicans. the thing is though we all own our own businesses or work as independent contractors. most of the state is on welfare, sec 8, food stamps, etc. The dems try to take all of our hard earnings and give them to these lowlifes in the inner cities so they will vote dem. The sad thing is when Ted Kennedy died and they had a special election, Scott Brown won every town in the state except for 3 cities (Worcester, Boston, Lawerence) which have the most people living with government entitlements.

    The next race is on too with over 75% of the races favoring repubs.

    You can only take so much from hard working people until they get fed up enough. for years MA was the only state losing population every year. they still are losing pop but the govt is gonna change very soon. our governor had a surplus going into office and 3 years later he has a $2.5 billion deficit.

    Things got to change "Remember in November"!!!
  14. So Sad!!! yeah after 24 months of Obama it's time for change ..right back to the same retarded shit we did for 8 years prior ... give me a break..
  15. i am not registered to vote at the moment. im still trying to decide between green party or democrat

    decisions decisions
  16. I can see this thread going into a heated debate...

    I'm registered independent, and if i would have turned 18 before the presidential elections, I would have voted for Obama.

    But IMHO Obama is not the answer.
  17. This thread should really go in the Politics section.
  18. George Bush Kush
  19. Im on the orange team and i toke. I dont care because i like purple anyway. I like green too thats a good color. Maybe ill join the brown team...

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