Republican Smokers?

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  1. Hell yeah ill admit it im a hardcore republican and proud of it. Ill tell you though that im not one of those whitebread, chickenshit, upperclass, phoney republicans like mitt romney-I hate him with a passion. I am a true hardworking republican who completely hates the democratic party.

    Democrats are masters of powdercoating and bullshitting doing it all while looking like foward thinking heros of 'change'. What change do democrats bring? Nothing, did Bill Clinton change anything from George Bush SR. No economic changes, no forighn polocy changes, lowered enviromental standards, yes bill clinton was no envirornmentalist neither was Al Gore. Haha, the kyoto protocal (Al gores favorate critique of governmental polocy) was refused not by George Bush but by Bill Clinton. Dont you think that the vice president of the united states could have pushed for the sighning of that protocal in an administration he is the co-pilot of.

    My main reason im a republican is because i believe in independence, i hate government, i hate cops, i hate poloticians especially liberal ones. I believe that in the USA nobody holds your hand you have to work for it on your own, make it happen on your own, and get rich on your own.

    Democrats will not legalize marijuana, as odd as this is gonna sound Republicans will. Not anytime soon, (sadly) but because of the roots of the republican adjenda are based in independence and lesser govt. the change will come from the right. The federal government is a bureaucracy the DEA FBI FCC and CIA infringe on constitutional rights more that any other organisation. I love tax cuts for the rich, poor, middleclass, working class, any tax cuts, any government cuts I support because it means less money for problematic government agencies.

    Republicans are shit on for the wrong reasons, people especially liberals assume that republicans are bush loving, rich white folk who play golf sunday afternoon. Except there is a whole bunch of different kind of republicans. personally im a govt hating, millitary loving, economic deregulator, that wants a gun over every doorframe, while rolling a fat blunt all in a country that should stand for PRIVATE UNREGULATED FREEDOM.

    sorry about the rant.
  2. I respect your beliefs, but that being said, at least when it comes to the marijuana issue, I think you're a bit off. Yes, based on the ideals of what the republican party is supposed to stand for, marijuana prohibition would come to an end with a republican president. But at least from what I've observed, republicans nowadays are way too bogged down in appealing to conservatives and religious zealots, groups that vehemently oppose the end to prohibition. Unless Republicans find a way to break off from these groups and hold more closely to their traditions (i.e Ron Paul) this'll never happen.
  3. sounds like the libertarian party is a better suit for you
  4. obama bitch!
  5. I like you, original poster. You are a republican not because god told you to, not because your mother is your sister, but because you just don't like the democratic platform. That's fantastic. If you have logical reasons, I like your opinion, even if I don't agree with it. :)
  6. "My main reason im a republican is because i believe in independence, i hate government, i hate cops, i hate poloticians especially liberal ones. I believe that in the USA nobody holds your hand you have to work for it on your own, make it happen on your own, and get rich on your own"

    i hope you voted for ron paul then.
  7. i was gonna quote that section too and make my comment but decided not too. now that someone else has, might as well do it then. if you hate government, believe in independence, hate cops and politicians....... maybe you shouldn't remain republican, last time i checked the republicans fucked up this country pretty damn good, patriot act, no child left behind act, guantanamo bay illegal incarcerations, Iraq, Afghanistan, THE FUCKING ECONOMY, bush/cheney, enron employees in our gov't, halliburton having a no contest bid on their contract in iraq which OMG cheney was a CEO of. sigh. now i will say this, ron paul was an awesome candidate and its a shame he didnt go farther, but to be honest he was way too liberal to be called a modern day conservative even though he is more about the original constitution and real republicanism than any of the mccain/bush people are. basically, if you love this country you should not vote republican coming election.
  8. I believe you are a fake.

  9. That list of fuckups isn't even covering the worst parts unfortunately.
  10. i agree with tray dub. also, bush pretty much fucked up for the republicans for this election, i mean he had some pretty low approval ratings, and that's from both reps and dems. The problem is, republicans nowadays don't hold true to those same beliefs of grassroots republicans like lincoln. Like I guess i'm more republican in an economic sense, i'm all for good old 100% capitalism, every man for himself (without gov intervention that is), and you work to the top.
  11. pot smoking conservative = oxymoron ?
  12. back to the not as political argument. yes, if it was up to a REAL republican like ron paul, then marijuana would be legal. but i think the problem today is that the older ppl get, the more republican their views become, this lends to the close mindedness that so many people see in the prohibition debate. old people don't like change, they've been taught that weed is the devil all their lives, and only a small population (hippies, todays youth) actually see marijuana for what it really is. also being republican doesn't mean you can't smoke weed, its just that if your a modern republican (neocon) and not a real republican then you don't want marijuana policy to change so technically you really shouldn't be smoking if you follow bush/mccain ideals; but if you look back at the constitution you will realize that a good portion of our founding fathers smoking cannabis and farmed hemp, including washington our first president. weed should be legalized, and its not a republican/democratic thing to want legalized herb, its a humanity thing. people should not get in legal trouble for smoking cannabis. in fact if we had a true republican president weed would get legalized, but your best bet of weed legalization now lies in the dems hands. obama will decriminalize it and most likely try to get funding for medical marijuana research and make medical marijuana legal, prbly not legal to smoke recreationally for a little while tho, prbly not in the next 10 years :(

  13. no, i'd say very conservative republican

    it should be they (bushes, mccains) are way too liberal to be called conservative. "modern day conservatives" isn't a real term, they are neocons, saying they are conservative but are pretty dam liberal and being douchebags in general.

    also he isnt saying he likes modern day republicans that have fucked up his country, imo he should still be a republican but not relate himself with bushes for ex, which he is already doing, and you are right about not voting for McCain because anything is better then him and barack has some things that he likes, ex. ending war and i'm sure there are others but i'm too baked to look for em
  14. That pretty much sums up my views entirely. + Rep to you sir.


  16. why???
  17. not even historically speaking?
  18. even though i consider myself a democrat these days, i do lean more towards conservative views regarding our constitution.i feel our forefathers wrote the damn constitution for a reason, and its not to facilitate the fascist tendencies of Bush. im a democrat because i see that things need changing, changes for the better. ron paul was a great candidate but a little too radical, his ideas would be great but they could not be done in a short period of time, the instability in our country that all his changes would cause would prbly collapse our country. so by reasoning and thinking, i will be voting dem next elecion. and until a republican candidate that i see fit comes along, i'll be a dem. republican party lost my faith with Bush a long long time ago
  19. this quote = moron

    lol no seriously what is more conservative than individual rights? If women can have abortions in the name of it being their body, then shouldnt that be true for all of us?
    More legislation is not a real conservative principal. The problem is the right has been taken over by bible thumping religous zelots much the same way the left has been taken over my communist who hate America. Ron Paul was Americas best hope in this last election although I didn't agree with his foreign policy what is more dangerous. Our army pulling out of Iraq (which they are gonna do anyway) or us securing our borders to not only protect our freedom but our economy.

  20. well duh. ron paul is the only true republican. today when people hear republican they think of warmongering assholes like mccain. obama still sucks, but hes the best choice.

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