Republican parents and their children

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  1. Let me begin by saying that I know not all republican parents and their children are like this but a very very very big majority of them. and this is going to be a rant

    I come from a more liberal family that lives on a very conservative street and I know most of them judge us but I never realized how much until yesterday
    I was walking down my street with a couple of friends and there was all of these parents outside (all conservatives) and not one of them stopped what they were doing to say hi or anything they all just stared and had that look of "im better than you" in their eyes the entire time. at one point on the street there was a bonfire going on on one of my neighbors driveway and none of them said a work but one by one they all turned their head and gave this look of disgust. I was about ready to go crazy and start screaming at all these people. I finally arrive to the park and there's kids there ranging from around 14-16 probably and they were giving the SAME looks! and I asked some of them if their parents were republican and they all said yes! WOW!!!! but then the kids who were smiling and saying hi said their parents were democrats! OH and all these republican families driving in their cars don't wave to me but if they see another repub. family they don't even know they feel the need to say hello! UGH
    sorry for going on a tangent but this is really upsetting me, none of these people know me yet they feel the need to judge me and disrespect me?
    again, I don't mean to classify all republicans into one stereotype that I've seen and I'm more of a moderate.
  2. if your doing nothing and getting looks, why not give them something to really look at. make banners promoting the things you believe in. if they really want to be separated from you, then give them some real ideas of where you stand on things.
  3. I'm confused about that part where political views plays a part in any of this. Seems like you expect people to wave and say hi and all this, like they owe that to you. How do you know they didn't just glance at you? Doesn't mean they had any negative feelings towards you, people say I look mad all the time and its just not the case.

    Rep or Dem has nothing to do with it in my opinion, you are just making it that way in your head
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    maybe you're right and I'm just paranoid with it
    however they wave and say hi to everyone else they see and I say hi to them but they don't ever respond back they just act like they didn't see.
    I also hang out with a lot of open homosexuals and pot smokers so maybe that's part of the reason. i don't know

  5. Saying this makes you look like a retard :wave:
  6. where a shirt with a giant weed leaf on it. thatll piss em off alright
  7. perhaps theres something on your face
  8. Our two party system has been disguising lately. Its never a good thing to split a country, especially as diverse as our.
  9. ...Maybe it's because they don't like weed and know you smoke it? Because they have children that they don't want to smoke it, perhaps? I really don't think political views influence people to be like that to their neighbors. Pretty much no one on my street agrees with how I look at things, but who gives a fuck? We're all neighbors and we all like each other.

    I think there's something else they give you the looks about or something, but that's just me.

    I'm not being racist, but are you of a different race than your neighbors? Like, are you black and they white? That could be it as well. Again, not racist. But your neighbors could be lol.
  10. Although I'm a Ron Paul fan, I have no love for the republican party. I hate the two party system.
    But I think you might be mixing up political beliefs with people just being religious, conservative, wealthy and stuck up?
    I live in the chicago land area. Basically in chicago there is a 1 party system. The republican party literally has no power in Chicago. Yet I'm sure, if you walked through some nice neighborhoods in chicago or the chicago suburbs, rich democratic neighborhoods, you might get the same looks as you did in your neighborhood of republicans.
  11. Give them the bird cause they gonna judge u anyways
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    No, I know just what you are talking about. I live in the south and many people are like that. They correlate being democrat with being godless, as in you have no moral compass. That is why they look at you like that.

    There are many other intertwining factors with why they feel like they do, but "them and us" is ingrained in human nature.

    For example how often do you hear the phrase "real america" thrown around by republicans? They know exactly what they are saying. There is a large segment of society they don't view as "real americans'. Like gays, atheists, liberals, pro choice, etc. If you are not visibly a "simple, hard working, god fearing, family man" then you are not one of them.

    They do in fact think they are better than us and have no problem acting like it. You can walk into some towns and they just look at you like that. Honestly all you have to look is educated. Or not even educated but like you might read books. That is enough for them to give you the "We don't take kindly to your type around here" look.

  13. Lmao are you serious? So republicans don't like people who read books or who are educated? It's funny because I thought democrats were all for a shit load of government assistance which in most cases is free money for lazy people who aren't educated enough to get off their ass and work.

    Well I'll take that back because I really don't feel the need to choose a side, it's fucking stupid, as if we need one more thing to bitch at each other about. I share views of both parties and could care less of if somebody else disagrees with me....there's no point in wasting effort in time in that sort of thing.

    If you want to feel like the world is out to get you, and that a certain political party has this secret agenda and HATES anybody who opposes it then feel free to keep wasting your time.

    It sounds like you want to be hated just so you can have something to say. Do you honestly think that's how their mind works? I live in Texas and I've never once seen a republican look at a democrat like they didn't amount to shit. Hell I've been to parties and everybody is chill but have completely different political view points.

    Maybe this was just my pointless rant....oh well I typed to much to just delete it

  14. This is absolutely true in Arkansas, especially that last bit. A little bit, but less so, in oklahoma. But yeah, I'm the same way. I've lived in those two states my whole life and I actually grew up in a really conservative republican family. The rest of my family still is, I grew out of it around 16 I guess. The few times I've told people in Arkansas I'm atheist, you can just see them silently praying for god to smite me.
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    I don't have to explain shit to you, just go to a small southern town and tell me people don't judge you. If they don't they probably think you are a redneck. You sound like one anyway with the stereotypical fox news ideas of what democrats stand for. You're actually just what I'm talking about.

    Its nonsense. Republican Propaganda. Prejudice about race, homosexuals and religion on the other hand is very real. It runs rampant through these little towns. I know because I've lived in them. You sound like you are part of that republican bubble and I just doubt you noticed.

    At the GOP debates last night they had a big applause break for Herman Cain saying he would stop Sharia Law from being used in US courts. As if it ever would. You can't tell me ignorant racist opinions like that garner an applause break at democratic debates.
  16. Lol right...and you probably think republicans don't care about people because they support big business. Like I said I don't judge people based off their political views, but the people in here bitching about being judged seem like they do the exact same thing they are bitching about....ironic isn't it?

    And what does a small southern town have to do with anything? Apparently republicans are judging everybody that isn't in their party from what it sounds like you've been saying.
  17. It's easy to judge people based off their political preferences. And I am usually always right, so if it ain't broke, keep on profilin'.
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    I never said that, you just made more assumptions. Exactly what I was talking about. There is something ironic about that yes. As there is also with you saying you don't judge based on political views yet make instant assumptions based on them. That's pretty ironic as well.

    Small southern towns have everything to do with what we are talking about. Not just southern towns, its through lots of the mid west, and other places too, but it is certainly more prevalent in them. Its not really a secret. They don't make it a secret either. Its not usually contested.

    You can't honestly tell me its as comfortable to be black, or openly gay, or muslim in some small town in Louisiana as opposed to New Orleans. If you think so you live in a very closed circle of cultural information. Basically exactly what we are talking about. The same thing with being an atheist. They are less tolerant in small towns and that is no secret. I'm not talking out of my ass. I've lived in several of them as well as the city and I've seen how they treat people.

  19. I'm not making any assumptions, you made one at me so I figured I'd ask a dumb question back.

    Where does race fit into political views as well? You also make it seem like all southern towns are made up of are rednecks.

    I really don't feel like arguing..... really my main point was stop bitching about people "judging you" when you are doing the same things.
  20. Yeah I'm done arguing too. When the debate is just stating the obvious to the oblivious its not going to go anywhere.

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