Republican Facepalm: Then And Now

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    Before you read this analysis of my opinion on the unfathomable disgrace these political poster-children have on the American image, I would like to say I am Independent. I believe in a two party system; one that evolves based on the status quo intertwined with the present ideology that makes up a bulk of both sides of solution. Nothing will ever change if we let our policies continue to be based on outdated morals, ideology, and the taint on the system that has evolved into a disease that is destroying our country.

    Even if you're a Republican, you have to admit, some of the guys that represent the party seem to lack the intelligence of the average 8 year old. With the current events unfolding into something that is reminiscent of two children fighting over a lollipop that has already been shit on by a bird (post-BOOM!-Headshot! in Pakistan), these tired ass clowns bring up arguments that make a sucker out of the best and most bright individuals that represent the American constituency, and, to no surprise, "Faux News" has it plastered on their homepage like it's going to magically wipe clean the Republican shit that is smeared all over the Middle East:

    1. I, for one, believe that Obama's foreign policy procedures have been outstanding for the most part. Besides the minuscule mistakes he has made (The little incident in front of the queen), he differs from Bush in the way that he actually tries to talk with people instead of showering them in death. Need I remind you children of the little incident that took place in Iraq, which clearly demonstrates what the Middle East thinks of the thing called "Republican?"

    [ame=]YouTube - Shoes thrown at Bush on Iraq trip & he`s comment[/ame]

    ^What a douchebag.

    2. No explanation needed. But if you so wish to encroach on the issue, I will provide a link:

    Tri-State Area Drivers Could Face $4 a Gallon Gas In Near Future Amid Unrest in Middle East « CBS New York

    Can't even praise a Democrat without degrading them; typical republican.

    Any simpleton would realize that we don't have the resources to be in another war - The conflict going on in the Middle East affects gas prices, and that in turn affects the rest of the world (United Nation interests in danger). Moving on:

    The Republicans nose-dived into this effort without thinking; they had no STRATEGIC operations, plans, or managerial operations thought out before they went into the Middle East; they just jumped in like Xbox. Another thing: Bush's supposed "Strategic Thinking" is rendered invalid because the administration failed to specify what could amount up to the "Ends." Wikileaks has published many GITMO files that show quite clearly the incompetence behind their so called "Strategy." Below is a link: Strategic Thinking vs. Tactical Thinking:

    Strategic Thinking vs. Tactical Thinking | Haines Centre for Strategic Management

    I do appreciate the fact that they gave Ron Paul a spotlight in the article:

    And to end the article, a sweet, poetic remark by Pawlenty:

    Original Article: GOP Rivals Hit Obama on Foreign Policy Despite Bin Laden Killing, Hit Harder on Economy -
  2. do the drones have speakers on them now??
  3. You bring up some good points, but you leave out the fact that democrats are guilty of all the same things as well.
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    I honestly wouldn't even have replied to this if you were honest in your original post where you say "I am independent". Your viewpoints and comments indicate anything but.

    You basically just said that you believe in mob rule in the very first paragraph (aka "democracy").

    Then you go on to say, "Nothing will ever change if we let our policies continue to be based on outdated morals, ideology, and the taint on the system that has evolved into a disease that is destroying our country."

    That's odd because it seems like NOT following our outdated morals, and ideology, e.g. the Constitution, is how we got here in the first place (meaning, evolved into this disease that is our country).

    ALMOST EVERY politician fits this description: "Even if you're a Republican or Democrat, you have to admit, some of the guys that represent the party seem to lack the intelligence of the average 8 year old." See what I did there, and how it's still true?

    Obama's foreign policy is horrible. It's the exact same as George W. Bush's, but worse! :eek:

    You claim his foreign policy is "outstanding" while claiming to be "independent"? Not part of the anti-war crowd I take it? That leaves leftists and Neocons. ;)

    Talk with more bombs and more troops? The most drone attacks ever in Pakistan? Added another country to the bombing list - Libya? Oh he talks for sure, with $1,000,000/each misslies. Gooooooo Team Obama + MIC + ME!!!

    When is someone going to throw a shoe or two at Obama? Same guy probably would. Or any number of widows, children without parents, or parents without children thanks to him.

    2. gas prices? You can thank the geniuses at the Treasury and Fed. Guess what? It's the same guys we had under Bush! Inflation FTL. Check our currency - USD vs Canadian dollar, and the USD vs Mexican Peso over the past 3 years. All time lows? They are our top 2 oil importers, BY A LOT.

    We definetly shouldn't be anywhere really, militarily. No country poses a direct threat to us. It's out of control, the spending, the killing. It makes my head spin.

    Who gives a shit about a tactical or strategic decision? If you hate republicans, clearly you don't? So WTF? BFD.

    Here's the best thought - when are our troops coming home?

    The Republicans you mention in the article are horrible (except for Ron Paul, of course). But the democrats you mentioned in the article (Obama at least) is just as bad! Same policies - just different letter "R" - "D". If you want one label for them all, except for Ron Paul, go with Neocons.
  5. are you insane??? barak obama is a black george bush...only a little less likable. same foreign policy, same domestic policy, same rotten fish. a perfect example of the two (one) party system.
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    Says the sheep to the wolf.


    Right Again...

    Wrong. The subject within discussion was centralized on the idea that bickering and fighting accomplishes nothing; the taint being the progressive implementation of ideas based on the foundation of the original party ideas, just modernized.
    The parties were founded because of the growing disparity between the American people. This is the United States of America. Not the Divided States of America.

    If you want to go that deep:
    America was founded as a Constitutional Republic because the founding fathers believed that a Democracy was unworkable; yet our country represents both sides of the issue; essentially making it an interchangable state. This is what I believe is right-Yet we can never reach a common ground. The point I was trying to make here is that the current medium we, as Americans, use to determine who is best for the job is not reliable. If we as the American public wish to change something in the government, we have to be educated on how to work the system as well as knowing inside and out, the current issues that face our country; Not take part in an intelligent argument between two sides that have only their best interests in mind.

    The conversation was based soley on the Republican party and their parasitism that follows the situation at hand.

    Wrong again. I thoroughly described how Bush's foreign policy at the time was reckless and not thought out. The difference between jumping into a shithole instead of jumping over it is illustrated in one of Obama's campaign quotes; funnily enough, he managed to make good on this promise just recently and the days to come:

    Bushes foreign policy: Gathering [suspected] terrorists, imprisoning them, torturing them (torture often coerces the victim into giving false info), and wiping out the population in the middle east (civilians included) in hopes of catching a terrorist in the crossfire (or that's the way the statistics make it seem). Comparison:

    [ame=]YouTube - WMD Lies - (Bush Administration) George W. Bush and his Lying Friends[/ame]

    The notion that you can pour trillions of dollars into something and turn your back on that effort is ridiculous. I'm not even going to address this comment in depth.

    You fail to address the issue realistically. You can only go forward from the shitstain the Republican party has left on the USA. Obama promised that the troops would be withdrawn; the most realistic way to do that would be finish what was started.
    And the price of the missiles?


    Hellfire: $68,000.00*???

    Used extensively in Iraq rather than putting US Soldier lives at risk (if situation permits).

    Seperate Conflict: Obama Administration Strategical Approach:

    Cruise Missile: Tomahawk: $569,000.00*122 = $69,419,000.00

    International Efforts To Minimize Monetary Destabilization

    *Note: While troops are still overseas (troops are always overseas, NO MATTER WHAT the current situation is), the implementation of "Explosive Ordinance" procedures, the public concern for US Soldier safety is taken into account; though in a wartime situation, trained servicemen are always required (that's what they signed up for).

    U.S. Drone Strikes With Deadly Accuracy - ABC News

    You missed the point entirely. I can not think of another time in history where a President of the USA was assaulted and insulted.

    Federal Reserve is a private organization; is not a Federal Government institution-Therefore, their employees are not appointed by the Federal Government-i.e.: Invalid Argument, does not compute.

    Right and wrong. Canada is our numero uno oil asset, but Saudi Arabia is second, not Mexico. The public conflict in Libya and Saudi Arabia drove up the price of oil dramatically, thus, constituting National Intervention. If the global community wasn't involved, the price of oil would go up exponentially more than what we've seen. Even as I'm writing this, the price of oil is dropping.

    If the US' forward presence wasn't felt globally, then many countries would pose an extreme threat to our Country. The US militaries number one goal for the future is establishing sustenance and stabilility to foreign governments across the world-If they pulled out of every country they are currently ported at, the global economic crash would be catastrophic.

    Obviously, you are a Civie; always been, always will be. Get a military education before you decide to attempt to contribute to in-depth warfare strategies.

    Here's another thought: If you're in the Army overseas by mandatory protocol, you signed a paper saying that you are agreeing to being forced into a hazardous situation to address any issues that could possibly harm or threaten the United States and her allies best interests. As an added bonus, every service member has the right to refuse the oath, rendering their military status: TERMINATED. In addition, you are also agreeing to having the choice to remain inactive then and there; which, by the way, is pointed out by the Federal Employees at MEPS, that you can also join the National Guard. Deployment into a hazardous situation is almost always voluntary (unless Active Troop Wartime Body Quota isn't met) and has been that way throughout the entire Middle Eastern US Military Campaign (2003-****).

    Simply a dissection of a horrible article written by the worst news corporation in the world.

    I'll go with the status quo. Unfortunately, we are so knee deep in shit, that we can only trudge forward, grit our teeth, and bear through it.
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    I'm sorry but you are wrong. If anyone wants to correct your nonsense I'll let them waste their time. For now I'll just leave you with the following two pictures.



  8. Addressing the Hypocrisy of one side of the spectrum, which, imo, has such a heavy weight tied to it that pulls me to the center of the political spectrum; thus, independent.
  9. Not nonsense. I've addressed every argument you brought up through research over the past 6 hours.

    You're just delusional; like most of Ron Paul's supporters.

    A revolution doesn't happen through a political process; It happens through either mass peaceful protest resulting in political concession, money & majority support, or war.
  10. A simple reply, no hours of research on my part.

    1- you don't see a problem with Obama's foreign policy because he is "your guy" and part of "your team". Just like when W nutswingers were defending his actions to no end. No real policy difference. OMG, Obama assassinated Osama bin Laden. Somehow that's a good thing for the rule of law and the principles our country was founded on? Oh it "feels" good and you see people out in the streets celebrating like it's NYE. Chanting USA USA USA! Was the killing legal? Was it Constitutional? Now that bin Laden is dead is the "war on terror" over? Remember, he was THE GUY behind it all and we had to get him!

    2- re: the fed, you might want to see who was NY Fed President 2003 - 2009, also Vice President of the FOMC. You might find that to be Timothy Geithner, our current Treasury Secretary (appointed by Obama). You might want to look into Ben Bernanke as Fed Chairman under Bush and Obama. Also, you might want to look into the fact that Government created the Fed in the first place, some of your "democracy" loving socialist progressives from the early 1900's. The fed controls our money supply. It doesn't take a genius to realize that if you print more money it loses value.

    As stipulated by the Banking Act of 1935, the President appoints the seven members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

    The chairman and vice-chairman are chosen by the President from among the sitting Governors for four-year terms.

    3- oil. Canada/Mexico vs Saudia Arabia:

    U.S. Total Crude Oil and Products Imports

    Canada, 2005-2010 - 5,292,496 thousand barrels
    Mexico, 2005-2010 - 3,173,566 thousand barrels
    Saudi Arabia, 2005-2010 - 2,962,536 thousand barrels
  11. Here's something to chew on, given the nature of the forum we are on...

    In the first presidential debate for Republican's I heard two people who are interested in ending the war on drugs, legalizing drugs at the federal level leaving it up to the states (follow that crazy Constitution?), and are in favor of dismantling the DEA.

    Any guess on where Obama stands on that? :laughing:

    Hint: He's a corporatist politician with no beliefs.
  12. As the argument stand, he is not part of my team, and I am not "For Him," per se, but I do believe he deserves some credibility from what he has accomplished. Shit don't happen tomorrow.

    I am not for simple democracy, for one.

    And those decisions are limitless based on the substantial power the Private Sector has.

    Forgot to add:

    The people that pull the strings on the puppet.

    A choice between 8 Evils?

    Mexico hit their stride. Peak oil is imminent. I would like you to focus on the status quo, seeing as the OP is focused on the current situation.

    Crude Oil and Total Petroleum Imports Top 15 Countries

  13. ^ YTD 2011 and 2010 still has Mexico ahead of Saudia Arabia. And even if it were only third, that doesn't change the fact that prices are high due to inflation and our dollar being destroyed. Psssssst, USD vs Canadian Dollar and USD vs Mexican Peso are at ~3 year lows. There is an abundance of oil right now, supply is MUCH higher than demand. That's not the reason for the high prices, regardless of what Obama & Co claim - blaming in on "speculators". That's a trick politicians have used for decades.

    Talk about status quo - that's exactly what you are promoting. :laughing:
  14. Did republicans create the federal reserve system? Should we start a "facepalm" thread for those that did? I'm racking my brain trying to think of what genius approved that legislation.................
  15. Yes. I am promoting the "Status Quo." Why?

    The Future of our country is uncertain at the moment. Analyze the situation at hand and you got a better picture of the road ahead than if you:

    Speculate on the future or draw upon the past.

    Stop it with the oil man. Just look at the charts and the current situation for Christs sake to give you a general idea who's going to lead the market in the future.
  16. Lemme guess, is it this guy?

  17. *Draws breath...


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