Republican dissidents join forces to form a new IRA

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    Three of the four main dissident republican terror groups in Northern Ireland are to merge and reclaim the banner of the IRA, in an escalation of attempts to de-stabilise power sharing.

    The Real IRA has been joined by Republican Action Against Drugs, which has been running a violent vigilante campaign in Derry, and a coalition of independent armed republican groups – leaving only the Continuity IRA outside the new group.

    In a statement released to the Guardian, the new organisation claimed it had formed a "unified structure, under a single leadership". It said the organisation would be "subservient to the constitution of the Irish Republican Army".

    This is the first time since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement that a majority of the forces of dissident republicanism has coalesced.

    Republican sources told the Guardian that the new paramilitary force included several hundred armed dissidents, including some former members of the now disbanded Provisional IRA who have been conducting a campaign of shooting and forcible exile of men in Derry City whom they accuse of drug dealing.

    It also includes what the statement calls "non-conformist republicans", or smaller independent groups from Belfast and rural parts of Northern Ireland.

    Republican Action Against Drugs and the Real IRA will cease to exist, one source close to the dissidents said.

    The new organisation is planning to intensify terror attacks on the security forces and other targets related to what it regards as symbols of the British presence, according to the source.

    Such targets could include police stations, regional headquarters of Ulster Bank, and the UK City of Culture 2013 celebration in Derry – which the dissidents have dubbed "normalising British rule".
    In its statement the new group said: "In recent years the establishment of a free and independent

    Ireland has suffered setbacks due to the failure among the leadership of Irish nationalism and fractures within republicanism." This is a reference to the split between hardline republicans opposed to the peace settlement and Sinn Féin, which has followed a political strategy. Martin McGuinness of Sinn Féin, Northern Ireland's deputy first minister, was a leading figure in the Provisional IRA.

    In a clear dig at Sinn Féin's participation in the power-sharing executive with unionists, the dissidents' statement said: "The Irish people have been sold a phoney peace, rubber-stamped by a token legislature in Stormont."

    It said that the "necessity of armed struggle in pursuit of Irish freedom" against what it described as "the forces of the British crown", would only be avoided by the removal of the British military presence in Northern Ireland. It demanded "an internationally observed timescale that details the dismantling of British political interference in our country".

    It also attacked the Northern Ireland secretary, Owen Paterson, over the arrest of several key republican figures, referring to him as an overlord. "Non-conformist republicans are being subjected to harassment, arrest and violence by the forces of the British crown; others have been
    interned on the direction of an English overlord. It is Britain, not the IRA, which has chosen provocation and conflict."

    It is understood that among the republicans who have joined the new organisation are those responsible for the murder in April 2011 of Ronan Kerr, a Catholic recruit to the Police Service of Northern Ireland, and the terrorists who targeted Peadar Heffron, another Catholic police officer, who was seriously injured in January 2010 by a bomb which exploded inside his car as he was driving to his police station.

    The recruitment of Republican Action Against Drugs activists in Derry marks a big step up in the terror campaign in the city. Dozens of former Provisional IRA members have been involved in shooting and intimidating mainly young Catholic men whom they accuse of drug dealing in Derry.

    Republican Action Against Drugs' campaign has become notorious around the world since an investigation by the Guardian this year into the wave of shootings and forced expulsions in Northern Ireland's second city.
    Republican factions

    Until this week there were four separate violent groups opposed to Sinn Féin's peace strategy. As a result of this merger three republican terror groups have become one, reclaiming the banner of the IRA:
    The Real IRA was formed out of a split within the Provisional IRA (PIRA) in 1997 and was responsible for the Omagh atrocity a year later.
    Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) – a group comprising ex-PIRA members whose purpose was to run an armed vigilante campaign against drug dealers. It has agreed to coalesce with other anti-ceasefire republicans.
    Independent republican factions – until now an amalgam of terror groups operating in Northern Ireland. They are sometimes referred to collectively as Óglaigh na hÉireann.
    Continuity IRA, the fourth republican faction, remains wholly independent.
    The adoption of the name IRA is an attempt by the dissident republicans to reclaim from history the title of the movement that dominated republican politics in the 20th century. Since the Irish war of independence there have been several mutations of the IRA from a mass movement of armed fighters in the 1918-1921 Anglo-Irish war to a small band of diehards who conducted the 1958-62 border campaign. Its use has withered since the peace agreement in 1998.

    Republican dissidents join forces to form a new IRA | UK news | The Guardian

    Only a matter of time before the violence flares up again
  2. I know some people who know some people and they told me that its only a matter of time before the troubles flare up again. I'm not surprised.
  3. I'm not either. The English should really understand that until Ireland belongs to the Irish that there won't be any peace.
  4. After 800 years, youd think that theyd get the point
  5. IRA are allies of ETA.
    Im all in favor of them :)
  6. Wow! That's awful, the Protestants of this land have every right to live in peace.
    I'm an English girl living in Northern Ireland and I gotta say there's places I can't go for fear of being raped, murdered and made an example.
    You have Ireland! You live in peace, most of the Irish living in Northern Ireland don't want the troubles to come back. Look at the financial state Ireland is in, you object to our military presence yet are quite happy to take our money in eu bailouts! I say sort your country out before trying to invade another.
  7. So does this mean the US military will be invading Ireland to fight terrorism?? Thats what we are bout right? Right? Or is it just in muslim countries that have all the resources needed for our modern society?
  8. The English involved themselves when Catholics took it upon themselves to systematically murder and terrorise every Protestant they found. And I'm sorry it's not all Catholics because I know some sound people who put their faith in that church.
  9. Haha dont even get me started. The british invade ireland, but its all the damn catholics fault? The original Irish republicans werent even catholics fer fucks sake.

  10. We sold thousands of AR18 assault rifles to the IRA. They aren't that much different than us. Ireland belongs to the Irish not the piece of shit English.
  11. Leave their country and you won't have anything to fear. They aren't invading your country; you invaded theirs.

    If you insist on occupying Irish territory don't wail when you get what's coming to you.

    When Ireland is ruled by the Irish, you can be a tourist in peace. Until then, the Irish people are fighting a just war against your imperial occupation of their country, and you're an invading foreigner living on their land.
  12. I'm well protected. This is NORTHERN Ireland it's our land. God save the queen. Oh I forgot.... FUCK YOU :)
  13. You come on here calling for the ira to come together again.
    My uncle was serving in the British army during the troubles.
    I take it you remember bloody Sunday?
    Probably a good reason not to... Eh? :)
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    You disgust me.

    I can guarantee you if you walk out of your house and say that to an Irishman on the street it won't end well for you.

    Orange bastard.
  15. Good, how dare you all call for the IRA to begin their dirty war again! Especially you Americans who have never seen Ireland in your lives!!! There has been peace here for a long time, and dirty scumbags won't change that.
    The English are happy and so are the Protestants who ulster belongs to.
    You don't see prods posting UVF threads do you?? Nope because they are better than that. You have Ireland. We have ulster.
  16. If your dole money has the queens head on it... Your in gods country! WATP GSTQ!!! :)
  17. Lol so now you start talking about peace after you just said that.. Fucking bloody sunday.. were 13 innocent fucking people were killed and another 14 injured.. was a good example of why the IRA shouldn't try anything..

    Saying Northern Ireland is "british land" and all that bullshit is whatever.. but using tragedy like that as an example is just disgusting..
  18. You forget (or never knew) the atrocities they committed also. What about the disappeared? What about the mothers with children they murdered. IRA synonymous with scum.
    When I see a thread like this full of people who have never lived here, gone through the tragedy of losing families it makes me angry.
    It's been sorted now you have Ireland and we have Northern Ireland. Just give it a fucking rest.

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