Republican Debate on NOW...VOTE RON PAUL!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by BlitzedinBokey, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. its on foxnews right now VOTE RON PAUL
  2. I had to run in here from the living room to say... that was a pimp-ass answer by Ron Paul even though they tried to give him a tough question.

    Is Fox the only channel allowing applause during the debate? That's so horrible... now we've got to hear their Mitt Romney boner.
  3. yea RP is gettin some nice applause/response from the crowd...ur right they tried to f with him a lil with that last Q...
  4. Nice to see Dr. Paul getting applause, especially on Fox News :D :hello:

    although clearly the majority there think he is a joke..... you hear the giggles in there when the guy tried to "school him"...... but then Dr. Paul just shuts them the fuck up :D
  5. word - im watchin it now.
  6. "even if we lose the election, we will not lose our honor" (talking about bringing troops home/foreign policy)

    aka we are so full of ourselves, we cannot admit we are wrong in how we do things :mad:

    God i hate these conservative bastards
  7. they are all turnin on him shits fucked up
  8. Naturally man. The things Ron Paul talks about goes completely against the things they stand for. He will end their corruption and most likely cause them all to lose money and they can't have that

    So what do they do? Attack those that are different than them, because heaven forbid someone talks about change
  9. Thanks OP for lettin us know!
  10. BTW, vote Steve Kubby! Ron Paul will not be on the ballot. The sooner we realize that everything we love about Ron Paul is because of his libertarian consititutionalist principles, the sooner we can focus our efforts on the best politcal party for change and justice, the Libertarian party and Steve Kubby will most likely be it's nominee.

    But yeah, Ron Paul is slaughtering this debate and they are doing everything they can to belittle him. That guy that keeps snickering and laughing every time Dr. Paul receives a question is pissing me off.
  11. ron paul is in first place so far in the voting to see who won the debate tonight with 36% so far...
  12. And all they are doing is laughing at him, the people are speaking though. It's awesome to see him in the lead!
  13. now if all the people who text vote/support him online would actually get out and vote maybe something good will happen
  14. I text my vote in the moment it flashed across the bottom of the screen...
  15. Ron paul at 33% winning text vote..He's got my vote :smoke:
  16. I am seriously considering voting for Ron Paul. Seems like an honest guy who I agree with on almost everything.

    I can't believe the disrespect of the people laughing every time he was talking or asked a question. I applaud him in keeping his cool and ignoring it. Someone should have told the guy doing it to shut the fuck up though. They laugh because they know that's the direction we should be heading.
  17. If I had texting, I'd give him my vote. Any other way to send one in?

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