Reptilians anyone?

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  1. Hiya,

    Not sure how many of you might be interested in this but I am massively into researching Reptilian aliens and figured some like minded folks may enjoy this.

  2. I'm actually a reptilian Illuminati alien but don't tell David Ike pls.
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  3. They Know

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  4. I’m down for a conspiracy but not 2h46min down. What’s it all about in a nutshell?
  5. Our genetic dna does grab parts of dna used in our past. They call this junk dna which is 95% of your DNA. So when the body thinks the time is write it adds them. A man was born with a reptilian heart. Or another with a tale or scaley skin. The most absolutely interesting cases are when humans get plant genetics. This all proves we were not created by a god. Gods image doesn't change but the human body and construct of it does. They did a future test of how humans may look. Larger eyeys and bigger heads. Our skull avg. Has already increased 1/3 of an inch since the 1800s.
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  6. The reptilian alien conspiracy is equally ridiculous as any other conspiracy theory. There is zero evidence to suggest it is actually real.
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  7. More possibility we we're created by an alien species than an all powerful imaginary being that lusts for gold and power.
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  8. I think there is already sufficient evidence to be quite sure that humans evolved naturally just like every other species on this planet. It is the only theory for the development of life on Earth that is supported by evidence that I have ever come across - and for this same reason it is the only theory supported by the majority of the worlds scientific community.
  9. They have found a fungus or mushroom on a recent asteroid. So a strain of dna could travel possibly as well through space. They are absolutely many possibilities on how life created on earth.
  10. I've injested ayawaska like David ike claims to have.
    And id like to emphasize the " "telescopic lense" metaphor he uses at times to understand his propaganda.

    He's pointing out that the hole left brain is logic and right brain is creativity is not true.

    The cerebellum is creativity. The medula obligata or reptilian brain is logic. To me is a better truth with geometric proof. Like RNA and dna. But the only thing that can reset the retillian brain is the pineal gland. Normally while dreaming . all the stress from the brain concentrates as it shut down the under used areas. Causing arithmatic that is then watched by the reptilian brain through the pineal window. Some call the reptilian brain the ego or sub conscious.

    He was probly ashamed for working for bbc at what people call news these days. Masses seem in a low brainwave state and are normally acsessing the lower portions of the "brain" and enjoying it.

    As far as a legitamte alein race amung us I call bullshit.... But in the idea of aura s , they do exist. Feeding off other higher vibrational auras as both prey and mate, simultaneously.
  11. BTW I consider the human skull to have two" brains " inside it. One for voluntary reasons and another for involuntary reasons.a timer if you will agree is all it is.
  12. You people...

    ...give terrible head.
  13. So just why would it only be possible for that to happen on this planet? Scientists do not know as much as they THINK they do. lol There could be a form of life on another planet that needs to drink a form of liquid mercury every single day to survive, just like how us Humans need to drink water.
  14. Atavism.

    Very rare and not well documented. Curious though.

    As Above So Below

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