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  1. Any other stoners out there love reptiles and own some?

    I have :

    1 baby corn snake
    1 Nile Monitor
    1 cobalt tarantula
    1 chilien rosehair tarantula
    1 emperor scorpion

    3 cats
    1 dog

    im waiting until the monitor gets about 7 foot so it takes care of the cat and dog problem.. Haha

    yes i know a few that i listed are inverts but you get the point
  2. we had an iguana in a ten foot cage live in my living room for a while. we called it Mary Iguana. :D lol i hated that thing! it never failed that if it got out it would shit it's fucking runny egg shit on the furniture. :mad: never again.....
  3. haha

    yeah i had a friend years ago when i was in grade school who had one and it wsa loose all the time and slept in the fucking bath tube.. it shit so damn much and was meean as hell
  4. My ex left his iguana here when he left.....lucky me. Sometimes I hate him because he's mean as hell. And I had a catfish named Lunch but my cat knocked the top off the fishtank and ate Lunch for his lunch. I do have a pet groundhog that likes to smoke weed though. And I did have a possum until the neighbors killed it (he lived outside with my dog though). I could have my own petting zoo with all the wild animals I have taken in. LOL.
  5. i am scared crapless of snakes...

    but i love lizards and salamanders, toads, frogs. i want to get a reptile as a pet but am scared my cat will terrorize it by trying to get into the cage. i don't have any high shelves that are sturdy enough for an aquarium, any tips?

    oh, by the way, my cat is evil, and the spawn of satan. we are so proud :D haha
  6. i thought i would have the same problem. But after a few days the cats kinda forgot about it. and leave all mine alone.. plus if i ever caught them messing them i would beat them or throw a BLUNT object there way..
  7. I have a rosie boa that's about 2 feet long.

    It's pretty cool, but he's aggresive. (I've heard they grow out of that)

    I pick him up and hold him (and love him and squeeze him and call him george). He's getting better about being handeled.

    It's funny that I play with our dogs and I'm not the least bit scared of their carnivorus teeth. But those submicroscopic little teeth in that 1/2 inch wide mouth on that snake keep me at bay. lol

    One day I'll toughen up and take a bite from him..... :eek:
  8. We have had so many different reptiles and amphibians. I don't like having an iquana. Someone gave us their adult who was rather tame but, boy, he'd whip the shit out of me with his tail. We tried out a baby but I gave him to a friend.

    Tokay gecko...he was a mean bastard and I had to wear gloves to handle him but he was so cool. Leopard geckos...We had our first for about 4 years and then bred her but I couldn't keep up with incubation so we let another reptile freak have her. I still get to see her, though.

    Snakes...We had a beautiful Conants Milksnake but a friend wanted her for his daughter to get her used to snakes and so we let him take it. A beautiful Albino Banded California Kingsnake...she had been mistreated for 3 years when we got her, she was hard to tame. She struck at me all of the time and was successful once...I finally got her calm down but when other people were around she'd emit that smell and once it's on your hands, it's hard to get rid of. We had a Red Tailed Boa that did that, too.

    Frogs...Mantellas, White's...a Red-Eye Tree Frog named Quintin, he kicked ass.

    Buddha and Zen were my turtles...Red Ear Sliders. Buddha had a perfect arrow pointing south on his belly. They now live in a relatives pond...very happy turtles, they are.

    Now, we just have out 2 Ball Pythons and a Giant Madagascar Day Gecko who ROCKS. He and the cat torment each other through his glass tank. He's escaped a few times, too. He goes straight to the ceiling. I love our Balls...they're sweethearts.

    Ganja, I used to be terrified of snakes but over some time I got used to them. There's nothing like a good neck massage from a snake!!!!

    Oh yeah, the dog, the cat and the hamster let us live here, too.

  9. If you get bit, and you probably will, remember to take the snakes head and push it forward before pulling the fangs out. If you pull straight up, you'll be hurting alot worse.

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