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  1. Who here is into reptiles. I used to do alot of breeding in highschool of alot of different snakes and lizards but now that im in college i dont have time. I still go to a reptile show every month just to look around and see if theres anything that catches my eye. If you are into them post what you got.
    This is what i have right now
    8.5 ft columbian redtail boa
    Ball python
    4 hognose snakes
    2 b&w tegus
    1 kingsnake
    1 yellow anaconda baby
  2. I have green anoles named Hermes and Horus.

    I've never really gotten to know a snake, like their personalities and stuff.

    With the hognose snakes can you tell them apart/know them as individuals?
  3. Yes, they all have different personalites. I can tell them apart easily.
  4. I have a bearded dragon and a ball python. I want to get another beardie, some more ball pythons and possibly red tail boas.

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