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  1. can u not -rep anymore????
  2. I like it. Hopefully you will no longer receive neg rep for stating an opinion that someone else disagrees with.
  3. You wouldn't have been able to neg rep anyway. ;)
  4. I think its bogus but I think a lot of gc's recent changes are bogus, so the trend continues.
    and for the record, this is gonna be closed whenever a mod stops by
  5. At least for n00bs. It should cut down on rep abuse
  6. There should be sections where no one could do the neg. Now it is a pay per punk. :)
  7. wise words from a decent man
  8. Kind of sucks that I managed to get 2 neg reps the week before it stopped... one for not liking a MTV star and another for agreeing with someone lol :rolleyes:

  9. :rolleyes:
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