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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stopsnitchin, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. very good deal, for 197... yeah
  2. Thats the whole kit to for the light so ya its a good deal. When I bought my 400 hps, i think I paid $275 canadian and its was the ballast, shade and 2 bulbs. I'd go with it, I've seen HTG lights, on some systems before and they do the job.
  3. it would run me about 150 shipped to my house. It comes with a 400 watt light, but I already have one in case it goes out. I just need the ballast to last thru the next 3 months and I get a new one. anyone bought a ballast from them before? thanks for the quick answer
  4. the ballast will last three months if it's quality... I would take it anyday man, good lights hopefully a reliable ballast.. your good to go.. a hood with it would be great and some reflectors
  5. yeah I bought the 400w hps/mh conversion deal from htgsupply it was worth it & works great but check the htgsupply page on e bay because they have the same stuff but cheaper.... go figure.

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