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ReppinAtl's Photos

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by RepinAtl, May 19, 2010.

  1. Nice looking bud dude. Def. better than some mids. haha. +rep!

  2. Thanks, I haven't ever seen another one like it.

    Thanks dood burn one! I am.
  3. Early mornin workin for the man bump
  4. Well I am takin the drive tomorrow to go get my camera but here is an update of old pictures that I really like. Enjoy burn one! :smoke:

    Pic 1: My dog she is about the smartest dog. When she comes in the house she shuts the door! How bout that. A little treats and a little time.
    Pic 2: The sun going down in the mountains it is really peaceful up there you can just get away from everything and just relax.
    Pic 3: The Blue Ridge Mountains... Look they're blue!
    Pic 4: The sun set in Key Largo last year went down there for a week for scuba during lobster season last year. Great time I wanna go back so bad.

    Yall have a good night about to go to the park and start my weekend. Peace

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  5. This sucks I finally got my camera back and have taken some amazing pictures but my computer crashed on Friday and I will not get it back until Wednesday. This blows. I'm posting from a friends computer. Well I'ma gonna smoke a bowl. No computer no fun.
  6. Nice great pictures man!! And nice pick ups!! + repp! :):)

  7. Thanks bruh. I get my computer back Wednesday or Thursday is what they said. I'll have a huge update then. Happy smokes
  8. Great lookin buds brah, +rep def!
  9. #29 RepinAtl, May 28, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 28, 2010
    I finally got my computer back from the damn shop. It's cool it's working great and I've got some amazing pictures to put up. Enjoy. I went to the mountains last weekend it was an awesome time as usual.

    Pic 1: PURP I love this smoke it gives me an amazing body high makes my legs tingle.
    Pic 2: PURP
    Pic 3: More fun pictures with the Headband
    Pic 4: Close Up
    Pic 5: Grinder with some Headband/Purp/Cali Buds
    Pic 6: Spider we killed that was in the sink up in the mountains I thought it was cool.
    Pic 7: Some Cali buds dude said it was Pineapple Express but I'm think it's BS because it don't smell like pineapples. It smells like some cheese and pepper kinda. It's fire I really like this bud too. I LIKE ALL BUD!
    Pic 7: More "Pineapple Express"
    Pic 8: Pic with the PURP and some HeadBand sittin on the table.
    Pic 9: Cool picture with BeeLine and a lighter.

    Hope yall like em.

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  10. No love? Damn y'all are a tough crowd. Happy smokes.
  11. the purp looks good, the headband looks particularly bangin!

  12. Thanks I was about to upload some new pics but I got to go back to work now. I love the headband I've had it for like 2 months and I smoked a bowl on my lunch break today. Upload more pics after work. Happy Smokes
  13. Nice keep it up man :) Lovin the pics of DAAANK bud!! :smoking::smoking:
  14. #34 RepinAtl, Jun 8, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 8, 2010
    Long awaited update. If you want a hook up you are looking in the wrong place. Do not send me any PMs asking for hookups I am not even going to answer so just don't do it.

    Now new pictures.

    Pic 1: My new dry I got it for cheap cheap. Who likes some Bender?
    Pic 2: Anyone know who made this piece? It is one of my new favorites.
    Pic 3: Some ISO I made from my SSV and dirty ass grinder.
    Pic 4: I got bored and wrapped like 5 lighters with BeeLine.
    Pic 5: ISO before scraping.
    Pic 6: Razors I used. I didn't really get that much but I'll take it. It is all from recycling. I always try and use every bit of my herbs.
    Pic 7: Here is some of the "Cheese" it's almost all in my lungs now. Haha
    Pic 8: Some fire ass eggs cooked in bacon grease. Anyone else do this? I'm gonna have to stop soon tho kuz that is probably the worst way ever to cook eggs.
    Pic 9: That's like half of the bacon we had of breakfast. Haha mmm.... bacon

    Hope yall enjoy. Happy Smokes.

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  15. im diggin the fucking dank ass eggs n bacon hahahaha, and is that...the qwiso you were referencing man... looks tasty either way... hahahahaha the golden shit i was talkin about usually only comes from vape whips from low temp users, or from using actual product (trim, stems, bud) imma use my huge half o of stems/shake/and tiny trim, get some 5 dolla grams of shake from the dispense, toss it all together, and qwiso the FUCK outta it.... hahahaha

  16. Thanks bruh. Yea that's the stuff. It isn't really that much but I smoked one of the razors yesterday and I woke up today with my legs feeling amazing. I love it already. And again with the, "I'm just gonna run over to the dispensary" shit yall over in CO and shit are damn lucky. Don't forget about how lucky you are.
  17. its only a few years till the US realizes whats up man.... its gone so cant go back. Move out here hahahahaha location location location!!!!!!!
  18. Haha that's funny I've been thinking about movin out there for a while now. I love being outside and shit so that would be the ideal place. I really like GA too tho I think I just need to pull the trigger already.
  19. lol ya, if its warm in summer/cold in winter can adjust to here easily....just the SUPER dry air...and high altitude that throw people off....especially the drinking.... from sea level to here....expect to consume like 75% as much alcohol and get 2 times as drunk hahahaha the highs arent the same ratio...but you do get a lot higher....
  20. i dropped my camera at breckenridge in april. Wish I had my computer working. Using the ps3 to surf the web till my PC is fixed.

    Working on some skunk #1.

    Great updates. Keep it up.

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