+ reppin all my outdoor peeps!

Discussion in 'General' started by champloo, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Lol, for the time ive been using this forum, i noticed that people always say "+ rep for that" or w,e. But i never knew exactly what it was, and alllways forgot to look it up. So i finally remembered and looked it up and now i know what it is and how it works. (i even discovered i had a few rep points :rolleyes:)

    So ima take some time to go through some threads and start giving that rep i meant to all this time;)

  2. LOL its amazing what you can do on GC huh?
  3. Beats the crap out of Google.
  4. Yeah, gc is like a whole great deal funner now that i know this:hello:
  5. it took you over 100 posts to finally find out. damn

    what are you smoking?
  6. I FUCKIN' love the outdoors!
  7. I thought you meant +rep to all those people who use their computers outside?
  8. I thought they meant + rep'in to all those who love outdoor grown ganja.
  9. LOL

    I was thinking along the same lines man.
  10. don't say that kind of stuff. you could get shot saying something like that you know.

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    Some dank outdoor :smoke::smoke::smoke:

    Lol, i meant to all the people in the outdoor grow section that have been of help.
    Im most active in the outdoor grow section.

  12. and this site isnt indexing you.

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