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  1. hey do ya think that if i repotted my plants into some better soil it would shock them to much . there about 31/2 wks into flo 21/2 ft tall . the soil i have them in sucks fat donky dick but it was free .
  2. there about 31/2 wks into flo 21/2 ft tall <-- these outdoors?

    as for transplanting...if its grown in the soil now, and its not causing a PH problem, don't bother transplanting it. The shock of transplant outweights that of a little bit of better soil. Thats what ferts are for:)
  3. it has no perlite in it and ive already lost a few to root rot due to lack of airation
  4. do you have holes in the bottem of the container? root rot comes not from lack of aeration, but from water=logged roots which chokes off the air. So yeah I guess that would technically be lack of aeration.

    keep your root ball intact, transplant into bigger pot, and surround the root ball with good pottingg soil.
  5. say do ya think adding some B-VIT to the water would help with root shock . ive already transplanted a couple and they seem to be doing a little better there starten to perk up .i wanted to try just a couple first to see if they would survive . how many days do ya think i should wait to tell if there still good and strong .
  6. there's some transplant shock formulas out there in nursery stores that would help, but if you treat it tender and gentle it should be OK in a few weeks

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