repotting question???

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by zonerr, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. OK My plant is 2 & 1\2 weeks into flowering and i want to repot
    My pot is anly one gallon!And i think my plant is rootlocked!
    So my ? is do i wait 28 days again till i fert or do i continue to fert all along????
  2. Id say continue ferts to get the new shoots happening
    and you should put it in the biggest pot you can find so you dont have to trans again
    but with the ferts wait and see what some experts say.
  3. I put it in a monster pot!
    I don't know how big it is but it fit 15 pounds of soil!Plus the 1 gallons wort that came with the plant!

    No more repotting!
  4. Glad to hear you maybe should have repotted it two weeks before you went to bud. It's one thing our favorite plants love is have lots of room to stretch their feet (roots).
    Wait 28 days for your next fert???? What are you feeding it?
  5. Yep hes right its amazing how fast these plants grow and are very easily stressed. So u are supposed to replant when the roots reach the bttm of the pot?
  6. Feeding it 20-20-20,I can't find any high p ferts around my erea! I looked on the net and just got confused?
    If any of you know a good site PLEASE REPLY wit a link to it.


  7. HIGH All, well I don't know where your located at but here are some sites All over the world. another one. You have to get those plants on the right fert. If these don't help let us know maybe we can find one closer.
  8. Got some fert--Miracle grow 15-30-15 will that do?
    It is the 2nd number that you want higher for flowering right???
    I got a whole bunch of pots and soil and ferts on clearance for like 25 cents a 1.5 cubic foot pot!100 for miracle grow all purpose plant food 15-30-15!
    Soil was $1 (US) for 20 pound bag 65% vermiculite!
    Good deal?

    I thank you all for the help wish i could send you some of the results lol!!!

  9. uniot,
    I saw some pics of you in the wilderness and the discussion was going like you were at work?
    What do you do?
    The pics were awesome!!!!!!!!!

  10. HIGH All, ironworker by day...grower by night!! Yes the trade takes us places where we only dream of going. Most of my experiences out of town are check out our Lunchrooms we have...some of the best in the world.
    Thanks zonerr...I'm here to please the wary eye and to help those that need it.

    Shit just about forgot to answer your question....the ferts should be ok...just use a little less than the recommened feeding rate. As wise man (BOG I think) once said and still say's "a little less is better than a little more"

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