Repotting from soil to coco??

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  1. Whats up gc!

    been looking everywhere for a decent answer on this, but nothing.

    Is it possible to repot young plants (around 2 weeks) into coco from soil?

    Or would it be better to stay with a soil mix (terra range) with added perlite and a terra range of nutes?

    Cheers in advance
  2. Yea you can do that. Just know that a little dirt will still be on the rootball.
  3. Wicked, is dirt being on the root ball a bad thing?

    Could i try knocking a little of the dirt away?

    Thanks for the answer.

  4. Yea knock off/carefully rinse off as much as you can. It will be fine.
  5. Thanks mate.
    How would i go about rinsing off some dirt? tap?
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    dont do it... when removing the soil (even if you leave some), youre gonna remove a major part of the plant's roots, which you would have to compensate for by cutting off at least half of the above ground growth unless you want to try letting it slowly die back on its own. the plant is definitly gonna be shocked and take at least a week to start growing again, so youre gonna be set back a couple of weeks total and youre likely to have a lot of trouble trying to handle the coco.
    you can repot regularly into a mix of soil and coco if you really want to use coco, but coco alone (or coco+perlite, which is supposedly better) is much harder to handle than soil since you gotta add all the nutrients in the right dosages just when the plant needs them and also keep a closer look at pH, basically its a hydroponic medium that only looks kinda like soil.

  7. Cheers for the reply. I've been looking at repotting into a lite mix soil, with extra perlite if replanting into coco isnt viable. Something around 70% perlite, 30% lite mix soil, do you think something like that would be okay? good results? would be useing a terra range of nutes too, not organic nutes.
  8. no thats way too much perlite, try 30% otherwise all the soil is gonna be washed down and there will be a thick layer of perlite on top of the soil in your container.
    you should really look into organic soil, check out the organics section of this forum for recipes... it works better, easier and healthier than chemical fertilizers. you gotta mix your own soil to begin with, but then you only add water until harvest and dont need to flush.
  9. Ahh good to know, cheers bud!

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